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New Year’s Resolution: Support Local




books actually
Go buy a local book at Books Actually instead of Borders.
You’ll feel good about yourself.



I’ve learnt a lot since I started my blog in October 2006. Most of all, I’ve been extremely impressed by the spirit, energy and passion of the many young Singaporeans I’ve spoken to who run their own businesses and initiatives.

Now I think it’s time to take the next step.

My new year’s resolution is to do my best to support them. Here’s my ten-point to-do list for 2008:


Buy Local.

1. Pick up at least one book at Books Actually (run by two young Singaporeans – here’s an interview I had with them) instead of Borders. I’ll make one of them written by a Singaporean as well, such as Cyril Wong’s Tilting Our Plates To Catch The Light or Chan Kwee Sung’s One More Story To Tell.

2. Buy up to 50% of my groceries from small mom-and-pop stores, instead of big supermarket chains. (Sorry, Carrefour, but you’re French)

3. Buy at least 5 CDs recorded and published by Singaporean bands or groups. (Email me if you are from a local band). [1/5: I Am David Sparkle‘s “This Is The New”, bought from Straits Records at Bali Lane]

4. Buy my wife a pretty dress from one of the quaint shops along Haji Lane, such as the boutique Pluck (she’d want this to be a regular affair too, I’m sure!)

5. Buy something from an online store run by a Singaporean – more clothes for my wife at My Dream Closet?


Think Local.

6. Take the pledge and join the I Love SG movement. [Done!]

7. Participate in at least one WriteClique gathering (a local online community for writers and illustrators).


Do Local.

8. Watch a local film (such as “Singapore Dreaming” by Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen) at Sinema Old School, set up by Caffeine Creative‘s Randy Ang and Originasian Picture‘s Nicholas Chee.

9. Catch a concert by a local act. (I’m partial to local acapella group Budak Pantai, although I’ll also try to catch new group Agapella in action if possible)

10. Patronise at least one local cafe or restaurant set up by a young Singaporean chef on a monthly basis, such as Kevin Heng’s Cafe Oliv. (No more MacDonald’s for me this year)


Maybe I can’t support enough to make much of a difference, but I sure as hell will try.

So what are YOU doing to support our local entrepreneurs and innovators?


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