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If You Want To Keep A Customer, Try Spelling His Name Right


OK I apologise for yet another customer service rant, but sometimes it gets me when businesses can’t get their basics right.


Dear high-class restaurant in The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore,

I love your food.  Your renditions of Aussie-Italian cuisine is rather breathtakingly exquisite, and always worth a repeat visit.  Your wine selection is vast, and the service is attentive yet unobstrusive.

But really. If you’re trying to do your promotions through direct marketing methods like SMS-ing a customer (with our number gleaned from the business card we put in the fishbowl at the reception), please SPELL OUR NAME RIGHT.

My name is Daniel.  D-A-N-I-E-L.  Not Danial.  There is no such name, and no, our Immigration Department and Birth Registry has long since cleaned up its act.

I’ve replied via SMS twice, and spoken to someone once, to get my name in the database corrected.  So far, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE.

So until you get my name right, please do not expect to see me for any of your wine-tasting events.  I’m sure I’ll miss out of some great wines, but I do take pride in my own name.

Not the Best Regards,

D-A-N-I-E-L Goh


EDIT: I’ve just got an direct mailer SMS from them and they’ve finally changed my name to Daniel. I’m glad to get my identity back.