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Despise Not The Humble


mr bean



Local soybean products seller Mr Bean is in the running to become Singapore’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.  Its co founders Mr Kang Puay Seng and Mr Loh Jwee Poh has transformed the business from a single humble outlet in People’s Park Centre in 1995 to its current island-wide chain of 34 outlets around Singapore.

Think about this a little closely. The soybean is very humble product, a dietary staple in Chinese cuisine since time memorial.  It is now recognised as a great source of protein and has since become a permanent fixture in vegetarian diets.

So what makes Mr Bean a success? The soy bean is not new. Neither is it particularly sexy.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast made traditional local breakfast staples hip with people of all ages. Mr Bean does the same with soya bean pancakes and soya bean milk.

Despise not the humble.  Are there other similarly humble, yet overlooked, products out there that you can build your business around?