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Save Lives In Your Spare Time



I had the opportunity to meet the CEO of Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA) recently. What I didn’t realize was that this simple conversation would change my life.

We chatted for a while before the conversation turned to how happiness is intricately linked to doing the things that really mattered to you.  Not only did she want to help the poor in Singapore who need affordable medical services, it was also very obvious that she utterly enjoyed every minute of doing it.

She said one thing that stuck – “People who are happy in their work places make the best volunteers”. She looked me in the eye and said: “Pursue your dreams.  Do the things you like.  Then come back and be a volunteer – that way you can contribute best to society.”  I was astounded.

Thank you, Ms. Dolly Goh, for these simple words of wisdom.  If you’re reading this, I hope to repay you and SATA in some way or other soon.

So to all entrepreneurs out there, if you’re genuinely happy and desire to serve a greater cause, consider serving as a volunteer in SATA.  Your time will be well-spent.  No experience in doing acrobatics/dangerous stunts for fund-raising charity shows required.

(My affinity for SATA started when I was a young sickly child. My mom used to bring me there because during those times it was one of the very few places in Singapore one could get affordable medical care. Thanks SATA, I owe you my life.)


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