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Reznick Group: Top Ten Ways To Succeed In An Uncertain Economy

Leading accounting firm Reznick Group’s Growth Markets Practice offers some pragmatic tips to growth-oriented companies.

Flipping Coins For CLV Dollars

Peter Fader, author of "Wharton Executive Education Customer Centricity Essentials: What It Is, What It Isn't, and Why It Matters", says companies ignore customer heterogeneity at their own peril.

Are Your Customers Always Right?

The 80/20 rule governs all results, including profits from customers, says Betsy Kruger, author of "Top Market Strategy: Applying the 80/20 Rule". When you sort customers by their profitability, this universal law predicts that the top 20 percent of your customers will generate 80 percent of your profit.

30 Proven Ways To Be More Persuasive

If you’re looking to brush up your persuasion skills, whether to get your foot in the door at a business, sell a product, or even get a promotion, here are 30 tricks and tips that can help give you that desirable silver tongue.

Make Your Home Office Work For You

Professional organizer and founder of Organizing With You, Inc. Pooja Gugnani offer some tips on organizing your home office or personal workspace so that you can achieve peak efficiency.

Negotiate Like You Mean It: Nine Tips To Help Women In Business Ask For...

Many women aren’t comfortable dealing with negotiations, even when something they really want (and deserve!) is on the line. Vickie Milazzo shares nine tips to help you stop underpricing yourself and start getting paid what you’re worth.

Cut The Noise And Cut To The Chase: Seven Tips For Streamlining Communication At...

Technology has provided us with an increasing number of ways to share information in the business world. But too often the point gets lost in the shuffle. OfficeMax co-founder, former CEO, and serial entrepreneur Michael Feuer shares seven strategies to make sure communication is clear and to the point for your organization.

Five Common Website Content Pitfalls To Avoid

by Jason Hennessey, CEO of Everspark Interactive Every website, especially small businesses needs some tender love and care when it comes to finding success and...

Yes! Reduce the Speed of Sales to Zero

Andy Paul believes that the time it takes to get a sale can be reduced significantly. In fact, he believes it can be reduced to zero-time. He shares some of the essential ideas:

The Character-Driven Company: Five Simple Rules To Help Yours Become One When It Matters...

There’s never been a better time to make your company the best it can be. If you’re struggling with the right place to start, consider zeroing in on character. Author Dave Anderson shares his thoughts on the business implications of issues like white lies, false impressions, and forgiveness — and explains how to help your entire team make character-driven choices.

How To Give A Great Print Media Interview: Five Tips

Marsha Friedman, CEO of EMSI Public Relations and author of Celebritize Yourself, compiles some interview tips for working with print and online journalists.

How To Effectively Manage Business Costs

We've read so much about companies and businesses going under due to poor financial management. How can one manage one's business costs better? Walter Lim offers his perspective.

Marketing To Misers

How should one adapt one's marketing strategies to target thrifty consumers? Seasoned marketer Walter Lim offers some thoughts for consideration.

How To Be Extremely Productive

Walter Lim thinks that "Productivity Secrets of a Very Busy Man" by Bob Posen, a senior lecturer at Harvard and executive chairman of a major investment firm, offers some great tips on how to be productive.

[ADV] Top 5 Ways Social Media Has Changed PR

The power of social media has given public relations specialists and journalists a myriad of choice when deciding how to connect with their target audience.

20 Hidden Marketing Techniques That Make Consumers Spend More

It's no secret that certain marketing tricks exist to help separate you from more of your money. Take a look at these 20 hidden marketing techniques designed to make you spend more, and be prepared next time you shop.

5 Crucial Things You Need To Know About Self-Employment Tax

Self-employment tax is a mystery to most new small business owners, says Steven Aldrich of online accounting service Outright.But it needn't be - he offers a few tips on self-employment tax for small businesses.

Leadership & Little White Lies: How Those Seemingly Harmless Fibs And Half-Truths Can Hurt...

Every leader tells a white lie every now and then, right? Perhaps—but that doesn’t make it okay. Author of How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, Dave Anderson, says that white lies can do serious damage to your reputation and can lead to much bigger issues down the road.

Must-Have Tips To Help Small Businesses Utilize Social Media

Founder/CEO/ chairman of Schedulicity, Jerry Nettuno, shares must have tips for small business owners and service providers looking to build credibility in their field.

Avoiding Consensus Overload: Seven Tips To Help Leaders Make Thoughtful, Yet Rapid Key Decisions

As a business leader, you don’t always have the luxury of getting all your employees’ input on big-time decisions. Often, you’ve got to make a decision quickly or risk losing the opportunity altogether. Michael Feuer offers advice on how to make profitable mind-to-market decisions without getting sidetracked by consensus overload.

Six Ways To An Effective Team Meeting

Every business manager wants to ensure that his team performs. In order to ensure performance, team meetings need to be effective. But what does this actually mean?

Competing on Service: Eleven Ways to Beat the Competition by “Hugging” Your Customers

In today’s tough economy, small business owners are faced with the difficult task of doing much more with a lot less. Ed Hess reminds them that even though they might be making cuts to their prices and budgets, now is not the time to start cutting great customer service out of their business plans.

Break The Innovation Chokehold

Leading in business is never easy, but if you choose to do it with your head down, blocking out input from employees, you’re making a huge mistake. OfficeMax Founder and former CEO Michael Feuer explains that when you miss out on employee input, you miss out on big-time innovation.

Tips On Hiring For Small Business Owners

Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual, shares a list of tips on small business hiring – everything from the interview process to employee retention.

Protecting Your Brand And Promoting Innovation With Reputation Management

If one of your company's predominate goals is to remain on the cutting edge of innovation, then you are not only going to have to hire some brilliant minds, but you are also going to have to engage your target market.

How To Engage Employees Effectively

Leadership and management are two of the most difficult tasks any manager needs to do in today's organization. The new rules of work mandate that hierarchical ways of bossing people around will no longer work. Against such a backdrop, how does one engage one's team members effectively and impactfully?

Show Them The Love When You Can’t Show Them The Money

No matter how much they want to reward their employees, many leaders just don’t have the financial resources to give out much-deserved raises and bonuses. Fortunately, according to Todd Patkin, you don’t need to spend a cent to show your people beyond a shadow of a doubt that you care about them and appreciate their hard work.

The Not-So-Secret Secrets To Making It Big: Five Surprisingly Doable Steps That Will Propel...

Achievements are often less dependent on your technical know-how and more dependent on how you organize and think. Michael Feuer shares five tips on how focus, discipline, and commitment look like in practice.

Making It Stick: Five Rules For Delivering Effective Feedback

Part of being a leader is telling your team members how their performances are measuring up. Whether you’re handing out praise or facing a you-need-to-improve conversation, here are five tips by author of "How to Lead by The Book", Dave Anderson, that will help you make the most of your feedback.

Five Sensible Business Lessons You Must Learn to Embrace — No App Necessary!

No, you can’t download good old-fashioned common sense onto your phone or tablet… but you can develop it with practice. Michael Feuer, author of "The Benevolent Dictator", offers a few commonsense guidelines no one should do business without.