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Is Your Customer Communication Up to Par?


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by David Greer

In every business, communication is imperative. There is a need to communicate with clients, suppliers, partners, investors and most importantly customers. Customer communication is often overlooked in business.

While many believe advertising and marketing is all the communication needed, your business could benefit from constant communication with prospective and current customers. If you are looking for a way to increase communication with your customers, you need to know how to communicate.

Be Relevant.

Everyday consumers are bombarded with advertisements, marketing, and sales pitches. If you want your business to stand out from the rest, be sure your communication is relevant based on your consumer’s needs and wants. Personalizing your communication will show you really know your customers.

Build a Dialog.

Today’s customers don’t want to be talked to; they want to be talked with. Listening to your customer’s concerns and needs will show that your company cares about their opinions. This will allow you to build a relationship with your consumers and ensure the trust is there for them to return.

Be Sure to Reach Your Customers.

Technology is changing the way businesses and consumers communicate. Using the most trending forms of communication will assure your customer receives your messages. Whether you place a TV ad, use social media, or market in places your customers frequent, you want to be sure you know where and how to reach them.

Build Credibility.

Customers today will not do business with a company they don’t trust. The internet offers the chance for consumers to research and gather information on all types of businesses before they make a decision. For a company this creates the need to build credibility with their consumers. Customer reviews, testimonials, and opinions from past customers make all the difference.

Make Information Accessible.

When a consumer is making the decision on who they will do business with, information is important. You want to make sure you offer your customers information when they need it. Offer several different methods of finding information and getting answers.

Be Consistent.

If you are trying to build credibility you will consistency in your communication. If you allow your customers to reach you instantly, you want to keep that line of communication open. Sporadic communication will make it hard to earn your customers trust.

Create Measurability.

Today’s customers love to communicate. Creating an informational system that can be used in other interactions will help to create credibility and loyal customers. Keeping their past purchase history, creating user groups to discuss products based on their needs, and even keeping their personal information will show your customers that you care about their wants and their return business.

Be Scalable.

The goal of any business is to increase sales and attract more customers. If your current communication system is limited to a smaller group of consumers, you will find it hard to keep an influx of new customers happy and informed. Make sure your communication is easily scaled to meet with new customer needs and offer the same personalized service you offer your current customers.

Customer communication should be a high priority for any business. To assure a great customer experience and return business you should assure your communication meets the standards your consumers set for you. If you feel you need better communication with your customers, begin remodeling your current strategy and increase the credibility your company has with your consumer market.


David Greer writes for several educational blogs and suggests learning more about a masters degree in communications.