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[Interview] Kris Oestergaard, Co-Founder And Chief Learning And Innovation Officer At SingularityU Nordic, Copenhagen,...

Kris Oestergaard is a researcher, author and globally sought after keynote speaker on innovation, corporate culture and the impact of technological change. We ask him about organizational change.

[Interview] Louis Carter, Author Of ‘In Great Company: How To Spark Peak Performance By Creating...

Louis Carter is a well-known executive coach, CEO, and social/organizational psychologist. We ask Louis about his latest book on organizational management, "In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace".

[Interview] John DiJulius, Founder, The DiJulius Group

We talk to John DiJulius of The DiJulius Group, about how companies can approach the relationship economy.

[Interview] Epirot Ludvik Nekaj, Founder And CEO Of Crowdsourcing Week, On Crowdsourcing

We grab Epirot Ludvik Nekaj (pictured above), the founder And CEO Of Crowdsourcing Week, for a quick chat about where crowdsourcing is headed in the coming years for Asia.

[Interview] Joan Kuhl, Author Of ‘Dig Your Heels In: Navigate Corporate BS And Build The Company...

In her new book, "Dig Your Heels In: Navigate Corporate BS and Build the Company You Deserve", Joan arms women with the tools they need to transform male-dominated cultures from the inside and create the careers and work environments they want and deserve.

[Interview] Neil Patel: Investor, Entrepreneur & Blogger Extraordinaire

Kristen Bradley sits down with Neil Patel - former top 100 blogger (a feat he achieved at the age of 21), investor, consultant and the co-founder of KISSmetrics - and finds out what he has been up to.

[Interview] Ethan Beute, Co-Author Of “Rehumanize Your Business”

Ethan Beute and Stephen Pacinelli are marketing executives for BombBomb, a software company dedicated to helping businesses rehumanize their professional communication. We speak to Ethan about working with Steve, BombBomb, and their new book "Rehumanize Your Business".

[Interview] Vladimir Gendelman Of Company Folders, Inc.

Vladimir Gendelman discusses how he founded Company Folders, how the company has grown to what it is today, and shares some advice for young entrepreneurs.

[Interview] Gambit Game Lab

Here's an interview with Gambit Game Lab, a collaboration between the MIT and the government of Singapore created to explore new directions for the development of games as a medium.

[INTERVIEW] How LaMar Van Dusen, Founder Of Phoenix Management, Wants To Help Entrepreneurs Grow...

Despite the services offered by companies like Phoenix Management, too many small businesses and entrepreneurs either don’t know or are reluctant to tap into outside experts who can help, according to LaMar Van Dusen.

[Interview] Bill Michelon On Why He Became A Serial Entrepreneur

Bill Michelon is well known in business circles as a savvy media buyer with a keen interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We sat down with him to discover what makes him tick.

A Conversation With John Bradberry, Author Of 6 Secrets To Startup Success (Part III)

This is Part Three of a three-part interview with Bradberry about how passionate entrepreneurs can channel their energies and focus into the right areas, as well as what to avoid, to improve their chances of success.

[Interview] Jonmichael Moy, Silicon Valley Veteran On Leading Digital Products To Market

We speak with Jonmichael Moy (Jon Michael Moy) a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley who has now brought his talents to Toronto.

[Interview] Liz Bywater, PhD, President Of Bywater Consulting 

Author of "Slow Down to Speed Up: Lead, Succeed, and Thrive in a 24/7 World" Liz Bywater, PhD, is a strategic advisor to the C-suite, working at the intersection of business and psychology. We speak to her about her approach to helping clients.

[Interview] William Ammerman, Author Of ‘The Invisible Brand: Marketing In The Age Of Automation, Big...

Thought leader and renowned technologist William Ammerman, author of "The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age Of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning", shares with us his insights about the intersection of AI, marketing, and business.

[Interview] Troy R. Underwood, Author Of “How To Launch Your Side Hustle”

In "How to Launch Your Side Hustle", serial entrepreneur Troy R. Underwood shows you how to start, scale, and sell a business — step by step. We talk to the author.

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel On Facebook, Bubbles, And Innovation

In this exclusive interview Peter Thiel – co-founder of PayPal and managing partner of Founders Fund – discusses why he invested in Facebook, the differences between Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and why he would not start PayPal today knowing what he now knows.

Adeo Ressi: Singapore Has The Highest Funding Rate, But That May Not Be A...

SGEntrepreneurs managed to catch Adeo Ressi, CEO of The Founder Institute and CEO of briefly at the sidelines of DEMO Asia 2012 to get his views on the startup scene here in Asia.

[Interview] Michael Asimos, Wine Wholesaler

The world of importing and exporting wine has proven to be one of the best decisions Michael Asimos has ever made. It reshaped the path of his career and has ultimately become a lucrative endeavor that he has passionately followed.

[Interview] RIM Eyes Southeast Asia’s Developer Scene

During the recent launch of Blackberry 7 OS in Singapore, Research In Motion (RIM) executives had shared that Southeast Asia was a potential hotbed of application developers with whom they were keen to work with. We took the opportunity to speak to Sarim Aziz, RIM's Team Lead for Developer Relations and ask more about the company's interest in the burgeoning developer ecosystem in this region.

[INTERVIEW] Ryan Nivakoff, Life Coach

We interview Ryan Nivakoff, who shares how and why he started a professional life-coaching business and how this career enables him to travel the world.

Interview: Margaret Curlew, “Mompreneur” And Real Estate Investor, Toronto, Ontario

Margaret Curlew, Ph.D., is a specialist in income generation and wealth-building. She mentors individuals in their pursuit of financial independence. Her new book is "Mom To Millionaire: Finding the Path to Financial Peace". She shares her insights on achieving financial success.

A Conversation With John Bradberry, Author Of 6 Secrets To Startup Success (Part I)

Here is part one of a three-part interview with John Bradberry, the author of "6 Secrets to Startup Success", about how passionate entrepreneurs can channel their energies and focus into the right areas, as well as what to avoid, to improve their chances of success.

[Interview] Lockboxer CEO: You Don’t Need A Technical Co-Founder To Start A Web Business

We had the chance to ask Jenny Morehead, CEO of startup, some questions about starting up.

[Interview] Alex Dripchak, Author Of “100 Skills Of The Successful Sales Professional”

How can young sales professionals establish and elevate their careers in these extraordinary times? We talk to Alex Dripchak, author of "100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional" to find out.
business strategy expert Dr Chuck Bamford

[Interview] Dr. Chuck Bamford, Author, Educator, And Founder Of Bamford Associates, LLC

We chat with Dr. Chuck Bamford, a business strategy expert who've provided battle-tested methods for executives to put winning strategy in place in their own organizations and to stand out in their own industries.
Michael Fillios

[Interview] Michael C. Fillios, Author Of “Tech Debt 2.0™: How To Future Proof Your Small...

Michael C. Fillios, author of “Tech Debt 2.0™: How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Tech Bottom Line” shares his insights about the role of technology-related debt to the future viability of small and medium-sized businesses.
Wayne B. Titus III, author of "The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being"

[Interview] Wayne B. Titus III, CPA/PFS, AIFA, Author Of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Financial Well-Being”

Wayne B. Titus III, CPA/PFS, AIFA, author of "The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being" shares with us his insights about entrepreneurship — and how to get it right.

[Interview] David Janeson, Owner Of Gull Harbour Marina

Half a lifetime of entrepreneurship — soaring victories, crushing setbacks, and the unceasing, unheralded work required of any small business owner — prepared David Janeson well for his latest project: turning around Gull Harbour Marina.

[Interview] Meet The Founder Of Empower Cocktails, Tiffany Hall

In an industry that primarily targets men — leaving women out as an afterthought — Empower Cocktails is disrupting the distilled beverages market as a woman-owned company that puts women’s empowerment at the heart of their mission.