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[INTERVIEW] Ryan Nivakoff, Life Coach

We interview Ryan Nivakoff, who shares how and why he started a professional life-coaching business and how this career enables him to travel the world.

[Singapore] IT Infrastructure For Small Business: In Conversation With NetGear

We chat with Tan Wee Fong, Asean Sales Manager for computer networking solutions provider Netgear - he handles sales for the Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines markets - on what small business owners need to look out for when choosing the right IT infrastructure for their business.

[Interview] Benjamin Yee of EMERGE App

For a two-year-old startup with just under two dozen employees working around the world, Benjamin Yee's EMERGE online inventory app punches well above its weight in the software industry.

[Interview] Bill Treasurer, Author Of ‘Courage Goes To Work’

For the tenth-anniversary edition of his trailblazing book, "Courage Goes to Work: How to Build Backbones, Boost Performance, and Get Results", we sat down with Bill to talk about why courage is today’s most critical business skill.

[Interview] Rajbir Singh Chopra, CEO of Weston Corporation

We speak to Rajbir Singh Chopra, the CEO of Weston Corporation, probably Singapore's most renowned sports apparel and merchandise company, about his business and the challenges of retailing online.

[Interview] Founder Chak Onn

We're introducing a whole new series of video interviews with startup entrepreneurs, and we kick it off with an interview with Lau Chak Onn, founder of Malaysia-based online greeting cards startup

[Interview] Pekka Viljakainen, Author of “No Fear: Business Leadership for the Digital Age” (Part...

Leading business information architect and IT entrepreneur Pekka A. Viljakainen’s was recently in town to give a talk and promote his book “No Fear: Business Leadership for the Digital Age", and we were fortunate enough to catch him for a short interview to talk about how business leadership in the new digital era.

[Interview] Pekka Viljakainen, Author Of “No Fear: Business Leadership for the Digital Age” (Part...

Leading business information architect and IT entrepreneur Pekka A. Viljakainen’s was recently in town to give a talk and promote his book “No Fear: Business Leadership for the Digital Age", and we were fortunate enough to catch him for a short interview to talk about how business leadership in the new digital era.

[Interview] Imaginary Friends Studios (Is More Real Than You Think)

You're unlikely to have heard of Singapore-based creative agency Imaginary Friends Studios - unless you're in the fields of film, games or animation. They've done work for games developer Square Enix, Sony Online Entertainment, DC Comics, and publisher Random House amongst many others, and this year they celebrate their eighth year in the industry.
business strategy expert Dr Chuck Bamford

[Interview] Dr. Chuck Bamford, Author, Educator, And Founder Of Bamford Associates, LLC

We chat with Dr. Chuck Bamford, a business strategy expert who've provided battle-tested methods for executives to put winning strategy in place in their own organizations and to stand out in their own industries.

[Interview] Nir Bashan, Author, Entrepreneur, And Leading Business Coach On Creativity 

Nir Bashan is the founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset LLC, where he teaches business leaders how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales, and make work more meaningful. We speak to him about the role of creativity in business.

[Interview] Robert Morrison, Morrison Innovations

Morrison Innovations is hoping to raise $500 for its project the Klick Stylus Slim. We ask Robert Morrison of Morrison Innovations more about the Klick Stylus Slim and why they're asking for such a low number.

[Interview] Kris Oestergaard, Co-Founder And Chief Learning And Innovation Officer At SingularityU Nordic, Copenhagen,...

Kris Oestergaard is a researcher, author and globally sought after keynote speaker on innovation, corporate culture and the impact of technological change. We ask him about organizational change.

[Interview] Yan Phun, Founder of FlickEvents

Mike Foong (@mikefoong) of theITChannel interviews Yan Phun, founder of Singapore-based startup FlickEvents. FlickEvents is a "one-stop" online event management platform that helps event organizers manage their events.

[Interview] Ryan Bonnici of HubSpot On Inbound Marketing In Asia

Inbound marketing service provider HubSpot recently released its first ever State of Inbound Report for Asia - which surveyed some 400 marketing and sales professionals at virtually all levels and across...

[Interview] Mark C. Perna, Founder And CEO Of TFS, Cleveland, Ohio

Mark C. Perna, author of "Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations", heads a strategic consulting firm dedicated to making a difference in education and workforce development.

[Interview] RIM Eyes Southeast Asia’s Developer Scene

During the recent launch of Blackberry 7 OS in Singapore, Research In Motion (RIM) executives had shared that Southeast Asia was a potential hotbed of application developers with whom they were keen to work with. We took the opportunity to speak to Sarim Aziz, RIM's Team Lead for Developer Relations and ask more about the company's interest in the burgeoning developer ecosystem in this region.

[Interview] Grant Lawson: Lead Crowdfunding Strategist At InventureX

An expert marketer, author and success coach, Garrett Wright brings his experience and understanding to develop launches that make a big difference for his clients.

[INTERVIEW] David Mimran, Director Of The Mimran Group

Serial entrepreneur David Mimran has an impressive CV. We catch up with the director of The Mimran Group for a chat on what he’s up to now and what his near-term plans include.

Hollywood Screenwriter, Pen Densham, Shares His Insights On Writing And Winning

Marsha Friedman interviews college dropout turned Hollywood screenwriter Pen Densham about his passion for writing and his advice to aspiring scribes.

[Interview] QlikView’s Donald Farmer On Gamifying The Workplace

We managed to catch the renown data scientist Donald Farmer,QlikView’s VP for Product Marketing, for a quick chat about gamification at the workplace.

[INTERVIEW] How LaMar Van Dusen, Founder Of Phoenix Management, Wants To Help Entrepreneurs Grow...

Despite the services offered by companies like Phoenix Management, too many small businesses and entrepreneurs either don’t know or are reluctant to tap into outside experts who can help, according to LaMar Van Dusen.

[Interview] Troy R. Underwood, Author Of “How To Launch Your Side Hustle”

In "How to Launch Your Side Hustle", serial entrepreneur Troy R. Underwood shows you how to start, scale, and sell a business — step by step. We talk to the author.
Joseph A. Michelli

[Interview] Joseph A. Michelli, Author Of The Airbnb Way

Organizational consultant and customer service expert Joseph A. Michelli share his insights on Airbnb’s approach to customer engagement, loyalty and referrals — and how they can be utilized by any industry.

A Conversation With John Bradberry, Author Of 6 Secrets To Startup Success (Part III)

This is Part Three of a three-part interview with Bradberry about how passionate entrepreneurs can channel their energies and focus into the right areas, as well as what to avoid, to improve their chances of success.

The Start-up Scene In India

Vijay Anand is an entrepreneurially-minded professional with more than 13 years of hands-on experience as an entrepreneur, an advisor, and a columnist at Entrepreneur magazine. Willis Wee of has a chat with him about India's startup scene.

[Interview] Charlie Gilkey, Founder Of Productive Flourishing

Charlie Gilkey is an author, entrepreneur, philosopher, Army veteran, and renowned productivity expert. Through his consulting business Productive Flourishing, he helps professional creatives, leaders, and changemakers take meaningful action on work that matters.

7 Startup Entrepreneurs On How To Attract Top Talent

We spoke with some pioneering technology start-up CEOs and ask what their best strategies were for attracting and retaining top talent to their teams. Here’s what they had to say.

CEOs Are Innovators – Staci Tubbs

Staci Tubbs serves as a chair for the CEO Organization, Vistage and is the CEO of her own business. You may not believe that she began her career in a call center.

[Interview] Jim Ewel, Author Of ‘The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing: Proven Practices For More...

Marketing pioneer Jim Ewel, author of "The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing" shares his insights about this futureproof approach to marketing, why it gives businesses an edge, and how organizations can get started.