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[Video] Mark Ong, SBTG


Mark Ong of SBTG (Sabotage) and Royalefam is one of most underrated young designers in Singapore. One of the reasons most Singaporeans wouldn’t have heard of him is because he operates in a niche subculture – the world of sneakerheads. Ong’s SBTG brand of shoes are coveted worldwide, and he’s even designed sneakers for NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda.

You can find out more about Mark Ong and what he does here in this excellent video, a collaboration between SBTG and Canon Singapore:


Canon | SBTG (Feature) from Canon Singapore on Vimeo.

We caught Mark Ong recently during a GOODSTUPH Good Stories session, and will be interviewing Mark Ong for an upcoming post. Stay tuned.