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Tips On Hiring For Small Business Owners

Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual, shares a list of tips on small business hiring – everything from the interview process to employee retention.

Protecting Your Brand And Promoting Innovation With Reputation Management

If one of your company's predominate goals is to remain on the cutting edge of innovation, then you are not only going to have to hire some brilliant minds, but you are also going to have to engage your target market.

How To Engage Employees Effectively

Leadership and management are two of the most difficult tasks any manager needs to do in today's organization. The new rules of work mandate that hierarchical ways of bossing people around will no longer work. Against such a backdrop, how does one engage one's team members effectively and impactfully?

Show Them The Love When You Can’t Show Them The Money

No matter how much they want to reward their employees, many leaders just don’t have the financial resources to give out much-deserved raises and bonuses. Fortunately, according to Todd Patkin, you don’t need to spend a cent to show your people beyond a shadow of a doubt that you care about them and appreciate their hard work.

The Not-So-Secret Secrets To Making It Big: Five Surprisingly Doable Steps That Will Propel...

Achievements are often less dependent on your technical know-how and more dependent on how you organize and think. Michael Feuer shares five tips on how focus, discipline, and commitment look like in practice.

Making It Stick: Five Rules For Delivering Effective Feedback

Part of being a leader is telling your team members how their performances are measuring up. Whether you’re handing out praise or facing a you-need-to-improve conversation, here are five tips by author of "How to Lead by The Book", Dave Anderson, that will help you make the most of your feedback.

Five Sensible Business Lessons You Must Learn to Embrace — No App Necessary!

No, you can’t download good old-fashioned common sense onto your phone or tablet… but you can develop it with practice. Michael Feuer, author of "The Benevolent Dictator", offers a few commonsense guidelines no one should do business without.

Going Green Is The Next Black

President of SeaYu Enterprises, Quincy Yu, offers some advice for small business owners to take stock of how they operate in order to pave the way toward greener pastures.

Seven Invoice Mistakes To Avoid

Forget hounding people to pay their invoices on time – the mere act of creating and submitting an invoice can lead to drama. here are seven blunders to avoid when it comes to invoicing.

Five Ways To Tell If Your Company’s CEO Earns His/Her Pay

According to Dr Linda Henman, author of "Landing in the Executive Chair", company top dogs who actually earn their money are easy to spot.

Seven By-THE-BOOK Ways To Transform Your Poor Performers Into High Achievers

Confronting poor performers in your organization can be nerve-wracking, difficult, and confusing. But according to author of "How to Lead by THE BOOK", Dave Anderson, it is possible to approach these conversations with love, respect, and the promise of improvement while boosting your business in the process.

Is Your Team Failing Elegantly? Seven Leadership Mistakes That Wear Away At Your Company’s...

For any team, the only acceptable result should be winning. But all too often, things don’t go as planned—and when first this project and then that project veer off course, teams start showing signs of a disease that can kill execution. John Hamm describes how the disease of “failing elegantly” can infect your organization and how to cure it.

Do Agencies Need A Moral Compass?

Uwe Hook of BatesHook believes that agencies need a moral compass to be able to deliver excellence.

Leading Creativity – How To Capitalize On Creativity And Drive Innovation (Part II)

To improve creativity, Nigel Collin says you need to provide your creatives with the right environment that will support and stimulate their creativity - a Zoo. Collin will be speaking at the upcoming ad:tech Singapore conference later this week.

Leading Creativity – How To Capitalize On Creativity And Drive Innovation (Part I)

Being creative is sexy, says Nigel Collin. Collin will be speaking at the upcoming ad:tech Singapore conference, happening on Jun 16-17 next week.

Project Management – Four Problems to Avoid

Brian Tracy, Author of "Full Engagement!: Inspire, Motivate, And Bring Out the Best In Your People", shares four main problems in project management and how to go go about them.

Tapping The Cloud To Grow Your Business

Terry Hicks, General Manager and Vice President, Intuit Global Small Business shares how cloud computing can propel the growth of small and medium firms in Singapore.

[Video] What Kids’ Football Shows Us About Organizational Performance

This amusing yet informative video by the Center for Organizational Performance about kids playing football shows the many issues that plague companies, but also how to solve them.

At Work, Do You Make Things Happen Or Just Fill Time?

Innovative gadgets and mobile devices have brought great ease and efficiency to the workplace, but they’ve also become huge time-wasters. Phil Cooke, author of "Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing", has five suggestions to help you quit wasting time and boost productivity.

Is Email Taking Over Your Life? 7 Ways To Get Your Life Back

Email consumes enormous amounts of time, yet we rarely think about strategies to use it more effectively. Phil Cooke, author of "Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing", shares some ideas to gain some ground in the daily email war.

Hiring A Web Developer: 11 Questions You Must Ask Ahead Of Time

If you are a business owner who is not an expert in web development, finding someone (or an agency) you can trust to build your website is critical. Founder of web development firm Pixafy, Uri Foox, shares eleven questions to ask your would-be developers before you make a decision.

Fire The Slugs… And Other Great No Nonsense Ways To Retain Your Best People

Jeff Kortes, author of the book "No Nonsense Retention", shares some tips on how to retain the human assets you've worked so hard to acquire.

Can We Prevent Everyday Conflicts?

Tim Scudder explores how conflict, both at work and at home, can actually be an opportunity to resolve long-standing issues and help you lead more fulfilling and productive lives.

Why Building a Culture of Trust Will Boost Employee Performance — And Maybe Even...

If your employees don’t trust leaders, they won’t feel safe—and when they don’t feel safe, they spend all their creative energy covering their butts. (Hint: This is terrible for business!) The new book, Unusually Excellent, offers some tips on how to build your employee “trust fund”…starting now.

Silver Bullet Marketing

Marketing expert Gil Effron explores why going to market relying on a single, magical marketing message - a silver bullet - may not be the best idea for businesses.

Fortune Cookies Contain Good Marketing Advice

Too many business owners bury themselves in things that don't matter. Marketing expert Gil Effron challenges you to think, plan and work on a powerful marketing strategy before diving into your marketing efforts.

You Got the Job – Now How Do You Negotiate Salary?

Some employers feel that they can probably get away with a lowball offer, and many job hunters will grab it just so they can have a job. The truth is there are ways to get the job and still get what you want.

Five Questions About Social Media Marketing Answered

Susan Gunelius, President and CEO of marketing communications company KeySplash Creative, Inc, and the author of multiple business books including "30-Minute Social Media Marketing", answers som questions on how small businesses can approach social media marketing.

Not Making Your Sales? Maybe What’s Lacking Is Trust.

In the world of sales, trust is king. You can advertise, promote, tweet, post, blog and sell like Dale Carnegie on steroids, but if you haven’t built trust with your potential customer, it’s truly a waste of good resources, says Marsha Friedman, author of 'Celebritize Yourself'.

11 Negotiation Strategies To Boost Your Business

The best way to boost your effectiveness as a manager or boss is to learn some basic skills used by professional negotiators. Negotiation expert and author of "Start With No", Jim Camp, shares how.