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How Technology Is Changing Task Management


by Brianna Van Zanten, Customer Success Manager at InCheq

Savvy entrepreneurs and business leaders understand that their ventures need to surf the cutting edge to stay competitive. Yet, when it comes to task management software, too many allow inertia to take over.

Task management software has recently seen a revolution, with today’s iterations ushering in new levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. When businesses fail to take advantage of these developments, they risk falling behind, which is why business leaders need to advocate for next-generation digital task management software and assist their company’s positive transformation.

So, why is legacy task management software no longer good enough? The first answer involves emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent task management

Traditionally, task management software has lacked emotional intelligence. Consequently, users often found their software’s messages clunky, robotic, and even inappropriate, which decreased their enjoyment of completing tasks. Since happier workers are more productive, these daily frustrations also sapped employees’ productivity.

Through integrated automation and machine learning, today’s task-management applications understand how to interpret and respond to workers more effectively, as well as receive feedback from users, process it, and adjust their approach accordingly for the future. Over time, machine learning of this kind makes the system’s messages increasingly more refined. Moreover, today’s task management software also enables superior collaboration for geographically disparate teams.

Superior collaboration

Next-generation task-management software provides instant updates, enabling collaboration in real time. No matter where users are located in the world, they always have the latest information, resulting in a culture of transparency and reduced misunderstandings, as well as the conflicts that tend to erupt from them.

This solves previous communication issues that many organizations faced with traditional task management software. Cutting-edge platforms ensure a peaceful working environment, moving projects smoothly through the pipeline toward completion.

When employees complete a task, today’s solutions can also acknowledge their achievements without delay. As a result, employees associate task completion with an encouraging dose of dopamine, much like leveling up in a video game.

Increased scalability and operational efficiency

Scaling up is an exhilarating part of any successful business, but doing it presents many challenges. Next-generation task-management solutions take your organization’s growth in stride by deploying full-power cloud computing that scales seamlessly as data is loaded, allowing workers to adapt the system as needed at all times.

This software can also automatically execute shortcuts and issue reports, sparing human staff from unnecessary labor. These interventions speed projects along on their path to completion.

In addition, next-generation task management software excels in dynamic atmospheric monitoring. Managers and other users can understand real-world conditions on the ground at all times. For instance, the technology can report the temperature, humidity, and exhaust fumes in a warehouse using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors. If parameters indicate unsafe conditions, the applications immediately alert managers and direct relevant personnel to take necessary precautions or breaks, making workplaces safer and accidents fewer. Businesses enjoy glowing safety records as a result, which impresses prospective customers and business partners.

Furthermore, task-management software can ensure the proactive, preventive maintenance of equipment and facilities, leading to fewer breakdowns and optimized production, as the software can best manage the company’s resources. Machines always run, the right amount of inventory is always available, and the correct staff is always there to see the process through.

Since task management solutions are grounded in empirical data, they also facilitate better decision-making. Leadership and management no longer need to rely on anecdotes, guesswork, or gut feelings because the software delivers real numbers to inform strategizing, resulting in higher-quality decisions and greater profits.

Better task management means happier employees

Task management software can even improve your employees’ job satisfaction, especially for younger workers who want (and, to an extent, expect) technological tools to be personalized for their own needs. They also insist on a healthy company culture in which they can give input, improve processes, and heighten the quality of work. Moreover, studies have shown that a positive company culture can attract prospective recruits and help retention rates.

Today’s technology helps businesses meet these expectations by giving employees control and empowering them to create their own individualized interfaces and workflows. Team members can track their work in the ways that work best for them rather than routinely encountering barriers with outdated software. As a result, workers’ efficiency skyrockets.

In addition, this technology facilitates feedback and reporting. Interfaces can be set up so that users can report concerns with the click of a button. Q&As can be continually revised with the latest information, ensuring the best possible answer for anyone with a similar concern in the future.

Next-generation task-management software also nurtures trust within the organization since supervisors can see what their team is working on, where they are doing their work, and when their tasks are completed. They can also check on the work to ensure its quality, which means they can jump in to help if someone struggles. Quick problem-solving like this promotes a more efficient remote work environment.

Embrace your business’s digital evolution

The time has come to discard inertia, fear, and resistance. By embracing today’s digital evolution, businesses can create a harmonious workflow and happy team. As a result, they can unleash unparalleled productivity and supercharge their future.


Brianna Van Zanten

Brianna Van Zanten Customer Success Manager at InCheq, a scalable workflow platform. She passionately combines her love for meaningful connections, her academic background in user experience and human behaviors, and her devotion to service. As a Black female in the tech world, she aspires to be recognized not only as an advocate for diversity and inclusion but also as a future mentor for young professionals like herself.