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Making The Most Of The LinkedIn Algorithm


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by Ivana Brutenič and Kristína Cichý Kováčiková, co-founders of SUNDAYFLIES and authors of “The Magic of Employee Influence”

Employee ambassadors are transforming the face of brand communication, embodying the authentic voice that bridges companies with their audiences. Through their unique insights and personal stories, they’re not just promoting a brand, but fostering genuine connections and trust within the marketplace on platforms such as LinkedIn. However, too often employee ambassadors are left without support or guidance on effective methods of content creation which hinders their potential impact.

It’s important not to rely on inspiration magically appearing every week. That’s why we’ve got your back if you want to create content systematically with a clear strategy and which make the most of LinkedIn’s algorithms.

If you need more change in your life, start studying the LinkedIn algorithm. It changes rapidly. You finally figure it out, and it changes in a couple of days. That is why you should not focus on the newest information according to the LinkedIn algorithm. Instead, focus on the logic behind it. That way, you will never be stuck on which format to use, and how.

The easy rule of thumb is: ‘Follow the money’. Think as a LinkedIn founder. Where do you earn money? From ads and paid services. Keep your audience entertained on the platform and you cannot lose. The more your followers stay, the more LinkedIn makes. That pleases the algorithm, so it gives you more opportunities to do it again and again by exposing the content of your Ambassadors and Company Page to more viewers.

Do not move conversations from LinkedIn. This is a common mistake. People start their conversations on LinkedIn and instantly ask for an email address. You will lose many opportunities. LinkedIn is based on AI. It needs to have data to learn from. If LinkedIn can see that you have deeper conversations with a particular person, it will show you similar profiles and more relevant content. Your content also becomes more visible to the person you have a conversation with.

If a team member is number and data-oriented and loves to dig into algorithms, tools and spreadsheets then let them go through your Company Page analytics every month. The tool is very useful for data lovers.

Each country has its specifics. If you follow LinkedIn experts, choose those with their data for the specific region you are interested in. When we compare the US and Europe, we see huge differences, even in Europe on national levels. Follow experts who have global experience.

When it comes to the LinkedIn algorithm, always test everything you read about for yourselves and see what works.

Content types and formats

When you want your Team to create content, they will have various options. They will ask which type of content has the highest engagement rate. As the LinkedIn algorithm changes, its favourite content types vary.

If your team is just starting, let them create in a way that feels natural to them. If they love visual content, they may use their own pictures. If they love to write, they can create longer text posts, articles and newsletters. If they feel confident creating videos, let them do it. If they love to improvise, let them create LinkedIn lives.

LinkedIn also thinks of those who are more introverted. Sometimes, they launch new formats, which always aim to encourage content creators – for example, polls, templates, celebrating occasions and kudos. If you click on the three dots in the right-hand section of a post on LinkedIn, you can explore what is available at the time. These are simple ways to engage Cheerleaders in creating content, too.

You and your team can express your creativity as you like. You can apply your brand guidelines, but do not force your Ambassadors to use only branded content. If they use their own visuals, they will be more recognisable. Their face helps deliver their content to a bigger audience. Using it to bring attention to various ideas, topics and trends is a smart move, not a way to show off. This will create a special bond between your team and their followers. And, of course, trust is the key to every successful relationship.

People want to connect with other people much more than brands. So, if your Ambassadors are brave enough, use video to connect with your ideal Leads in an authentic way. The easiest way to help them do this is to interview the Ambassador or a combination of the Ambassador and another expert. A 1-minute video is perfect. That means that with one interview, they can create evergreen content that they can use any time they cannot find their muse.

From our experience, letting your Ambassadors create content without control gets the most out of their creativity. They can surprise their followers with different formats, visuals and video styles. Each Ambassador has to find an authentic style that suits their ideal Leads.

Top Tip

Visibility is important. Fortunately, you do not have to post every single day on LinkedIn. What is more important is the value your team brings. So, start posting once a week and then show your love to your audience and Leads by supporting their content with comments and likes. You can even recommend them to others by tagging them in relevant posts.


Sisters Ivana Brutenič and Kristína Cichý Kováčiková are entrepreneurs, co-founders of SUNDAYFLIES, and authors of “The Magic of Employee Influence”. From a tiny country in the heart of Europe, they have worked with thousands of businesses around the world, helping them to intentionally build their LinkedIn presence by recruiting employees as brand ‘ambassadors’ through a signature framework. Ivana and Kristína have backgrounds in headhunting and significant expertise in helping businesses build effective teams, optimise existing processes and maximise time and resources. They have been featured in Forbes and are regular speakers at Microsoft events.