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Gadgets That Can Improve Your Health

These days there are more and more gadgets that help you track your health and fitness.

[Infographic] Your Guide To iPad Tips And Tricks

The tablet as popularized by Apple's iPad has become so dominant that in many instances it's already displaced the laptop as the choice mobile...

8 Tips On Better Email Deliverability

Email marketing continues to be an all-time favorite for businesses to promote offers and build connections with customers. 

[Review] Epson LabelWorks Pro 100

The beauty of the Epson LabelWorks Pro 100 lies in the ability to print 100mm wide sticker labels, which is far wider than most other sticker label machines in the market, and extending its use from the office to even a retail environment for printing of POS materials.

The Top Three Smartphones For Business Owners

If you’re a business owner who’s considering purchasing a new smartphone for business use, we’ve put together a list of the top makes of smartphones that work well for business.

[Singapore] SMB Tech This Week

In SMB Tech this week, we look at an item for the home office, and one that's meant for the mobile road warrior.

[Review] HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is overall an excellent device to consider if you're in the market for a premium phone; whether HTC can sell enough of this phone to regain its market position is another question altogether.

Two Best Windows Smartphones Under US$400

We take a look at two of the best affordable Windows smartphones in the market today: the Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 830.

Best Printers For Home Use – Canon PIXMA iP2870 And HP DeskJet 1510

We take a look at the Canon PIXMA iP2870 And HP DeskJet 1510 printers, fit for home offices.

China’s OPPO Sees Opportunity For Mobile In Southeast Asia

China's OPPO launches its Oppo N1 handset in the Singapore market, a few months after it committed to this market by officially opening up an office in the country

[Singapore] SMB Tech This Week

This week we look at the Nexus 10 tablet, the Samsung Homesync storage device as well as Sennheiser's Momentum On-ear Headphones.

6 Essential Home Automation Products For Small Businesses

Give yourself and your company an edge (not to mention a little flair) by considering some of these "smart" gadgets as alternatives to the traditional infrastructure.

Top 10 Wearable Tech For 2015

Rather than technology just being available in a device that we hold in our hands, it can now be worn on many parts of the body, including our wrists, heads, feet and even on our fingers. Here's a look at ten of them.

Four Money-Saving Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Company’s Computers

When it comes to your business’ technology, it can be overwhelming to know whether you are using the most efficient tools and devices. Brad Harding, a tech guru at, offers some tech tips can help you save money while offering optimal computer performance.

[Review] Microsoft Surface 2

The real advantage of the Microsoft Surface 2 - just like the original RT version - is the ability to run pretty much every Microsoft productivity tool you need in a work context despite its diminutive size.

[Review] DownBeats

DownBeats is a set of innocuous-looking plastic and silicone earplugs that's engineered to deliver a pristine and balanced sound experience while filtering out the scratchy, painful highs and lows during concerts.