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The Top Three Smartphones For Business Owners


samsung galaxy note 3

As a business owner, a smartphone no longer is a luxury personal item, but rather an essential piece of kit that’s crucial to the successful running and maintenance of your business. A smartphone is essential for accessing business documents and emails on the go, keeping in touch with partners, staff, suppliers, and even customers.

If you’re a business owner who’s considering purchasing a new smartphone for business use, we’ve put together a list of the top makes of smartphones that work well for business.

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There was once a time when the BlackBerry was the go to phone for business owners, before it became increasingly popular amongst young adults and teenagers. However, even though it’s now got a reputation as a great personal smartphone, the BlackBerry still works well for business use, and should definitely still be taken into consideration by any business owners looking to get a new smartphone. BlackBerry phones allow you to have instant access to your emails and other documents at any time, and BlackBerry messenger is an innovative and effective way of communicating with colleagues and other associates – with a QWERTY keypad to make for excellent response time and ease of use. BlackBerry handsets come with external storage options, making it great for storing any PDF’s, images and video files on your handset for quick access.

Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone is easily one of the most popular smartphones for both business and personal use, and it’s easy to see why. With its sleek design and dedicated operating system, the Apple iPhone is a hit with business owners as it allows everything to be accessed in one place, along with included iCloud storage to ensure that important documents are kept safe and secure. With iMessage and FaceTime included as standard, the iPhone provides business owners with an innovative method of communication, as well as fast access to emails and the ability to download and install a number of apps that are relevant and useful to running and managing a business. iPhones lock to the first network that you use them with but if you switch networks, a service such as unlockingsmart.co.uk can unlock your iPhone.


The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones is one that is increasing in popularity more and more, and with the release of the innovative S6 Edge, many business owners have been turning to Samsung as their choice of business smartphone. The Android platform allows for the quick and easy download of thousands of apps, and Samsung has often proven a popular choice over the iPhone when it comes to business owners, as there is the option for added storage with a micro SD card slot that will take up to 32GB of extra storage if needed. Google Drive is also used by many business owners and can be integrated with an Android phone easily in order to ensure that business owners have constant access to their files and shared files when on the go.

If you’re a business owner, which smartphone did you choose, and why? We’d love to hear all about your current smartphone in the comments.