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[Singapore] SMB Tech This Week


In SMB Tech this week, we look at an item for the home office, and one that’s meant for the mobile road warrior.

Brother HL1110 Monochrome Laser Printer (S$118)

If you need a printer for simple home use, you can’t go too far wrong with the Brother HL1110 monochrome – black and white – laser printer that offers reliability, ease-of-use and simplicity in an affordable package. It’s pretty compact with a small footprint, so can easily fit into the coziest of spaces. Enhanced features such as a longer side guide to reduce paper skew, a short paper pass of 220mm, an anti-curl system, the probability of paper jams is reduced to offer a hassle-free printing experience.

Even better, the toner cartridge ($52) and drum (S$32) comes separately, which means you can easily replace one or the other at any time, lowering total cost of ownership. It comes with 3 years carry-in and 2 years limited warranty.

If this model is too basic for you, consider its bigger siblings the DCP-1510 or MFC1810, which are perfect for small- or home office use.

BlackBerry Q10 (S$898 without contract)

Fine, this was launched here in Singapore a couple of weeks, but the BlackBerry Q10 was the highly anticipated amongst BlackBerry users, especially business-type road warriors who hanker for its physical QWERTY keyboard. In the Blackberry 10 OS-based Q10, the classic keyboard has been re-engineered for an even better typing experience, with a wider keyboard, larger sculpted keys and more space between tows to help your fingers find keys quicker and prevent errors. It’s probably the best typing experience you can get on a mobile phone (touch or otherwise), so you can do some serious typing on this baby, but a lack of apps in the the BlackBerry 10 app ecosystem is going to hurt its uptake.

We’re predicting the Q10 will still outsell the all-touch Z10 by at least a factor of 5 to 1.


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