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Lost Zombies Scare The Bejeezus Out Of The Rest Of Us


lost zombies

Horror-inspired zombie fiction will never hit mainstream in a big way – does anyone even recall B-grade zombie flicks such as 28 Days Later? But that doesn’t stop the genre’s legion of rabid fans who insist that their choice of fare should be elevated into mainstream popular culture.

Cue in Ryan Leach, the founder of zombie-themed social network Lost Zombies. His site’s goal is to create the first-ever community-generated zombie documentary/mockumentary. “The site has your basic social network features, but what makes us different is that we push our users to submit zombie-related pictures, audio recordings, stories and video clips that we are going to be editing into a feature-length film,” says Leach. Whoa, a crowdsourced zombie fan flick? Creepy. Interestingly,  Lost Zombies has roughly achieved about a third of its target of 1,000 video and 10,000 photo submissions so far.

But shouldn’t it be easier to garner more submissions? After all, some of us already resemble groaning, ambling, brain-eating zombies when woken up too early in the mornings.