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Status Search – Searching Within A Social Network

Lior Levin, who hails from the troubled country of Israel, is one of the co-founders of Status Search, a social status search engine currently in beta that allows users to perform searches within Twitter and Facebook status updates.

AzukiSoft: Putting A Business Together, Piece By Piece

As a child, Gibson Tang was already entrepreneurial - his first experience at making money was when he sold answers to math homework to his classmates in Primary school. Gibson is today the founder of AzukiSoft, a two-person game development outfit that produced Piecehunters for the iPhone.

No Ordinary Phlook

I first came across online photo-hosting service Phlook.com at Unconference 2008. Founders Ng Wee Kiat and Justine Ho was pitching their idea to the audience but, at that time, I wasn't sure if the World Wide Web needed another Flickr clone.

TheMobileGamer: Trying Games On The Go

Alvin Yap, CEO of Singapore consumer technology startup TheMobileGamer (TMG), admits that he has always been a dreamer. Having studied entrepreneurship as a business student in Singapore's Ngee Ann Polytechnic, he had always wanted to start and run his own business.

Socialwok.com – Making Enterprises More Social

Socialwok plans to make small-to-medium sized companies a lot more social in the way that they work. Developed by the team at Singapore-based Voiceroute, Socialwok is an on-demand enterprise social platform that lets organizations collaborate more effectively and manage social media interactions better.

Gothere.sg – Helping Singapore Find Its Way

Dominic Ee, Toh Kian Khai, Kuan Chih Yuan and Ang Jun Han is the team behind one of Singapore's most promising startups gothere.sg, a location-based service provider whose map and directional search engine that is steadily becoming the quintessential service for finding your way around Singapore.

Tempostand – Putting The Beat Into Indie Music

Gaurav Dhobal, Naman Arora, Rahul Tyagi, Aditya Thakur and Ujjwal Singh Grover started Tempostand to provide a stage - and a revenue model - for budding, talented musicians.

Indochino – Online Retailer That Will Suit You Just Fine

Entrepreneurs Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko found the traditional process of buying men's suits so intimidating, confusing and discouraging that they decided to start their own online menswear retail business, Indochino.

Lexani Limousines – Driving Its Way To The Top

Billy Jinks is the president and CEO of Lexani Limousines, a leader in Arizona's transportation industry since 2004. And he just turned 20.

Psydex – Making Data Psyng

Atlanta-based Psydex believes its online news service Psyng can monitor web chatter to derive useful, coherent data.

Branserv – Applying Itself To Helping Software Startups

Chicago-based startup hardware appliance maker Branserv has an incredibly lofty vision - to rebuild the American economy.

OrSiSo Helps You Organize Your Virtual Life

Being a member of multiple social networks can be a pain, as Thorben Linneberg found out. In frustration, the Singapore-based Dane started OrSiSo, a social network tool to help users manage and organize their online lives.

CrowdSPRING – A Springboard For Creative Ideas

The creative agency business that insists on its traditional way of sourcing for work could be in peril. Not because of the worsening global economy, although that is one reason, but because of one little company based in Chicago called crowdSPRING.

Innovating The Singapore Blogosphere

The way the Singapore blogosphere is growing, throw a stone randomly these days and you're likely to hit a self-proclaimed social media expert, guru or master. Mention Facebook, Twitter or Plurk, and you'd be swamped with unsolicited advice from all over on how such social media platforms do, or do not work, in the Singapore context.

Singapore To Get New Posterboy For Entrepreneurial Success?

The room was totally packed at the keynote presentation in BlogOUT! '09, but you can't truly be sure what the crowd was here for.

It’s A Prettysmart* Appeal For Collaboration

It was a hot and sultry Monday evening at the Raw Kitchen Bar, located on the premises of the old fire station along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Elevyn.com – Crafting A Way Out of Poverty

Social entrepreneurship knows no bounds. You don't have to be be rich or famous or be an Anita Roddick to make a positive impact...

Foldees.com – Crowdsourcing Greeting Card Design

Lau Chak Onn and Alvin Yu are crazy over Threadless T-shirts, and between them they own almost 100 Threadless T-shirts. Threadless prints and sells...

Lost Zombies Scare The Bejeezus Out Of The Rest Of Us

Horror-inspired zombie fiction will never hit mainstream in a big way - does anyone even recall B-grade zombie flicks such as 28 Days Later? But...

You’ve GotVMail – Concentrating On A Specific Market Bring Rewards

Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser met while attending the entrepreneur program at Babson College, located near Boston. Iranian-born (but Boston-raised) Siamak and Manhattan native...

In Conversation: Heather Chi, Food For All

Most people don't experience hunger in food-crazy Singapore. A look around the perpetually crowded food courts and coffee shops around the island reveal that...

Promeoh.com – Making Shopping For Bargains Easy

Shopping is a very big deal in Singapore, and shopping for bargains in crowded malls is possibly the most popular form of bloodsport all Singaporeans participate in....

TANGS In Second Life, Makes Virtual Worlds Fashionable

Virtual TANGS You don't usually expect fashion retailers to be online trailblazers, yet local retail giant TANGS announced this week that it will be opening...

Moot.com – Woot, A WiFi-based Social Networking Service!

Image courtesy of Moot.com I got an email from André Mlonyeni, CEO of Ground Control Labs introducing his company's social networking service Moot.com. Moot connects...

LeapFish.com – Swimming With The Big Kahunas Of Search

Google and Yahoo! may be the big boys of search today, but that hasn't stopped other new search engines such as Cuil from popping...

FiveSprockets.com – Creating User-Generated Video Content, Professionally

President, founder and CEO of FiveSprockets.com Randy Ullrich always had a passion for filmmaking. The son of a Screen Actors Guild Hollywood actress, Ullrich...

CountSpin.com – Getting Into The Spin Of Things

CountSpin is a live auction portal that revolves around (pardon the pun) falling prices. It's eBay with a twist - at any one time,...

Locomi.com – Three Friends, Three Places And One Startup

Food can unite people. In the case of Sumit Shah, Ravi Bhushan and Siddharth Vanchinathan - the founders of Locomi.com - also discovered that...

How An Alumni Helped Unigo.com Get Off The Ground

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but for a student entrepreneur, things can get immeasurably harder. With no money and armed only with an idea,...

It Pays To Follow Your Passion (Most Of The Time)

Passion makes things happen. This is never so clearly evident as with Finnish video-making cult hero Timo Vuorensola or Hugh Hancock of Strange Company. Timo created...