Home Feature Story Tibesti.com – An Online Classifieds and Social Network Mashup?

Tibesti.com – An Online Classifieds and Social Network Mashup?

Tibesti - Online classifieds and social network mashup.
Tibesti - Online classifieds and social network mashup.

Tibesti.com, launched last month, is a new and unique social network designed to connect people around particular interests, and enables users to earn cash while talking about, recommending and showcasing their favorite products. In fact, according to the site, users can make up to 50 percent of the commissions generated from the sales on their profile pages and elsewhere on the site.

“Whether a dog lover, sports fanatic or an interior design enthusiast, Tibesti makes it easy for users to exchange ideas and recommend top products to others with similar interests,” says Mike Hale, chairman, CEO and co-founder of Tibesti. “We offer consumers the ability to earn money by sharing information and experiences about products reflective of their lifestyle.”

Tibesti will be very appealing to today’s enthusiastic shoppers who often recommend products to friends anyway,” he adds.

Other interesting features include “Expert Reviews” from more than 120 experts in their fields – such as chef Scott Leibfried from Hell’s Kitchen and video games journalist John Gaudiosi – in categories such as beauty, electronics and fashion, as well as “World’s Most Expensive“, which highlights the most ridiculously expensive stuff in our wacky world. (I didn’t know that there’s a bikini that costs $30 million.)

Tibesti allows members to showcase and recommend up to 100 products, thereafter it charges them a subscription fee to list more. It currently has access to more than 20 million products. Its business model involves three components – subscriptions, online advertising and commissions from third-party vendors such as Apple, AT&T, BestBuy, eBay, Netflix etc.

Founding Team

The key founding members of Tibesti are veterans in their respective fields. Prior to founding Tibesti, CEO Mike Hale was part of the team that founded Starz Encore, where he served as executive vice president and chief marketing officer. President and co-founder Adit Reddy is a 15-year veteran of information architecture and programming who played an integral role in developing elaborate user interfaces and infrastructure technology for several leading companies, including Intertainer where he helped develop IP video streaming and interactive video.

Tibesti is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.