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Get Out Of Job Jail

Are you in Job Jail? How can you tell if you're stuck in underemployment? Audrey LeGrand, author of How To Get Out of Job Jail, shares some resume health tips.

Nine Best Practices For Using Social Media To Win Your Dream Job

Author Maribeth Kuzmeski, who wrote The Connectors: How the World's Most Successful Businesspeople Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life, believes that in today’s tough employment market, your social media presence can make you or break you.

6 Steps To Take Before Starting A Business

Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you think starting your own business could get you off the unemployment line? Think again. The failure rate for new businesses within the first 5 years is as high as 90 percent.

10 Most Successful College Entrepreneurs of All Time

If you’ve got a great idea, there’s no reason to hold off acting on it until you have a degree. Just ask these college entrepreneurs.

[ADV] What Goes Into A Business Plan?

Great ideas are born out of a problem waiting to be solved and soon-to-be discovered intelligent solutions. How exactly would you be able to discern a great business plan? We say write it down!

Attention Seeking: A Guide For Startups

People need attention: it’s a normal and healthy part of life. And getting attention is marvellous: it makes you feel smart, sassy and confident and leads you to perform better in life, at work and in the bedroom. On What Employers Want In Interns

If you're a college student, you're probably aware that internships play a vital role for your success in job acquisition and retention.

What You Need To Know To Go International

Founder of Ballou PR and 500 Mentor Colette Ballou gives some advice on what US startups should think about when they are considering going global.

[ADV] Singapore’s Successful Young Entrepreneurs And How They Did It

We name some of Singapore’s pride and their secrets – our entrepreneurs who made it big at a young age, from just an idea to a successful business enterprise.

50 Excellent Lectures For The Small Business Owner

There's more to learn about business than what you get out of classes and textbooks. puts together 50 of the best resources on lectures to help the small business owner.

Six Ways To Get More Respect And Recognition This Year

Author and professional speaker Meryl Runion says there are six things this coming year you can do that will help you get respect and recognition for your personal and professional makeover action plans.

[ADV] Startup Capital: How Much Is Enough?

It is important to know how to compute the amount of money you need as capital to get the business running.

Why I Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Let’s face it. It’s cool but tough to be an entrepreneur. Penn Olson talks to four Singapore entrepreneurs.

10 Reasons Why You Should Join A Business Plan Competition

With high confidence and ego, you said to yourself “I want to be an entrepreneur”. You have a great business idea and vision. One possible way to start is to join a business plan competition.

Advice for Experienced, Evolving Entrepreneurs

Given the current state of today’s economy and the constant tightening of available business credit, entrepreneurs must remain vigilant. To do so they must be committed to their cause and consider some simple yet essential elements of success.

The Truth About Holiday Hiring, Part Two

The slackening of momentum is one of the greatest job-hunt saboteurs. When people fail to have lots of things in the works, they concentrate on the one great job that they really want — and they’re devastated when they come in second or the company puts a freeze on hiring.

The Truth About Holiday Hiring, Part One

Yes, there is a reason to keep looking for work this season. While weary job seekers might wish to play the “no one hires this time of year” card, I hate to disappoint you. Actually, this is the perfect time to advance your prospects…and maybe even land that coveted position.

[ADV] Is Social Entrepreneurship Sustainable?

Social Entrepreneurship - what does it really mean and is it sustainable in its own form?

[ADV] Turn Your Passion Into A Business!

Singapore-based social gaming startup Manga Castle was born in January 2010, and is so well-received by manga fans all over Asia, the US, Canada and the UK, it already has a growing community of more than 17,000 fans on its Facebook page.

Mark Zuckerberg Is A Role Model For Our Generation

Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, together with 16 other America’s richest people have pledged to give away a huge proportion of their wealth.

[ADV] Young Entrepreneurs At Their Best

When you have the idea and the creative juices just can’t stop flowing, that’s exactly the perfect time to jumpstart your entrepreneurial career.

Scott Gerber Tells Us To Never Get A Real Job

Entrepreneur Magazine columnist Scott Gerber's book 'Never Get a "Real" Job' will hit bookstores everywhere on December 7, 2010.

Start-up Confidential: Interview with Leslie Loh of Extream Ventures

Contributing writer Lisa-Ann Lee talks to entrepreneur-turned-angel investor Leslie Loh of Extream Ventures about how he started as an entrepreneur and gets some tips about approaching an angel investor.

Startup Q&A: How To Generate Users

This is a bi-weekly column dispensing advice and help for technology startup founders and aspiring web entrepreneurs written by resident startup advisor and mentor, Jeffrey Paine.

Tips on Maximizing Time and Space

Making the decision to start your own business is exciting, even more so after the business has launched and you feel pride and accomplishment at seeing your vision come to life. However, once the business has started to take off, one of the challenges that young upstarts often face is how to manage their time and their new office space.

Offline Ideas to Generate Web Traffic For Your Web Startup

There are several offline ideas available to make sure that you generate maximum website traffic for your web startup using some clever marketing skills. Rob Stretch shares how.

Protecting Your Online Reputation in 2010

As if there wasn’t enough to be concerned about in regards to internet safety, there’s a new, pressing worry when it comes to your online privacy and what it means for your day to day life.

James Sun’s Secrets Of Success Revealed

I attended James Sun's 'The Secrets of Success' luncheon seminar and came away with some ideas of what made the entrepreneur-investor and television personality successful.

Considering Going It Alone?

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding; you get to be your own boss and can see something you have created from scratch grow and change. The current climate is tough for many businesses but that doesn’t mean there are not opportunities for those who want to set up on their own. By Mark Billington.

6 Steps To The Perfect Pitch

Learn to succeed with investors - from a guy who failed. By Scott Gerber.