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6 Steps To The Perfect Pitch

Learn to succeed with investors - from a guy who failed. By Scott Gerber.

Make More Money and Live Your Passion: Become a Cre8tor

If you want a big house overlooking the ocean, to travel first class, to quit your job, or to drive your dream car, guess what? The answer is in the other 8 hours.

How To Do Market Research For Your Startup

A proper market research won’t only help an entrepreneur to understand how his or her target audience but would also help to decide whether or not the target audience is ready for the products they are going to launch in their venture.

6 Advantages To Starting A Business In College

Considering starting a business while in school? Companies like Dell, Microsoft and hundreds of others started in a dorm room and so can you. Here are several reasons why you should take the leap and take control of your future while in college.

The Star Trek Guide To Entrepreneurship

Star Trek has some amazing lessons about entrepreneurship - just look at the introductory phrase before each episode about space being the final frontier.

A Word from Matt Wilson, Co-Founder of

Matt Wilson, co-founder of, shares his thoughts on this blog and how entrepreneurs should challenge boundaries.

Relationship 101 for Startups: Guanxi Matters

"Guanxi" (关系), which directly translates to English as "relationship" or "connection", actually means a lot more than that. It is a concept that revolves around the dynamics and influence of personal networks and business relationships, and is an important and integral part of Chinese society.

Do Yourself A Favor, Startups, And Get Yourself Media-Ready

As someone who blogs about entrepreneurship, one of the pet peeves I have when dealing with Singapore startups is their amazing lack of preparedness when I ask them for more information.

Should I Give Up My Job And Make Clay Knick-knacks?

"Hi Daniel, I'm thinking of starting a pushcart with a friend, but have not done any detailed planning yet. We are planning to sell some handmade...

Where Should I Locate My Fashion Pushcart Business?

"I am keen in starting a business in fashion clothes which caters to young teens and adults. However, I would like to rent a...

Where To Get Stock? Think Out Of The Box…

"Hi, I want to start a pushcart business to sell fashion accessories, etc but don't know where to find a good source of supply...

Advice On Branding And Funding For A Fashion Streetwear Label

Here's an email I received from a reader: "What would you suggest to a local entrepreneur like me who lacks connections and financial means to...

Advice For A Cafe Entrepreneur-Wannabe

Here's an email I received yesterday from a reader: "My name is Jowel. I am a 30-year old Singaporean lady who has an idea to...

Should I Work First?

I received an email from a reader yesterday asking for some advice. I thought the answer may be applicable to some of you and...

Shoestring Marketing: Tips For Pushcart Entrepreneurs

A previous post on pushcart businesses resulted in quite a few people who own pushcarts asking me for advice to improve their marketing. Here's another...

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

I was recently contacted by an entrepreneur - let's call him John - who was seeking some marketing advice for his new technological startup. ...

Pushcart Entrepreneurship

(pushcart stall outside National Library for rental) Pushcarts - selling all manner of products - are now a common sight in Singapore. These OMOs...

Fabrice Grinda’s Nine Criteria For Investing In Startups

Private equity investor Jeffrey Paine recently sent me a list of criteria that serial New York entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda uses when he assesses companies.  It's a...

How Entrepreneurs Can Find Money

So you - the enterprising entrepreneur - think raising capital for your business is tough? Not necessarily, if you know how to go about...