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Steps To Take Your Startup Business To The Next Level

You will need to employ several strategies to grow your business. One such strategy is the growth strategy, and below are some of the things you need to do that will make you survive the competition in any crowded market.

Eight Ways To Get Past The Fear Of “No”  And Start Risking Rejection

According to author Tom Panaggio, one of the most common risk avoidance behaviors amongst entrepreneurs is giving up on an opportunity after only one rejection. Here, he  explains why it’s so important to ask for the order again and again… and provides strategies to help you get more comfortable with hearing “no” until “yes” finally comes along.

Personal Finance Getting A Failing Grade In US Schools Across The Nation And May...

New studies released give our schools a failing grade when it comes to teaching children about personal finance.

Take The Jump! Overcoming The Mental Barriers Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

Making the jump from a traditional career is terrifying. Rob Villeneuve is the CEO of shares some ways to to find your courage if you’re thinking about getting an entrepreneurial education like he did.

Commit Yourself To Action By Investing In Success

Veronica May, co-founder of, shares how you can teach yourself to succeed at a task by working through the stages required.

How Entrepreneurs Get Inspired

To be a successful entrepreneur, you always have to stay on the search for the next idea, and that requires inspiration, says Peter J. Strauss, founder and managing member of The Strauss Law Firm and author of "The Business Owner’s Definitive Guide to Captive Insurance Companies".

[Infographic] The Best And Worst Intern Candidates

Here's an infographic from shows some of the characteristics of the best and worst interns, to help businesses sift out the right candidates (or for young people to make themselve desired ones).

Here’s How Long It Will Take Your New Business To Succeed

If you really want that business to succeed, you must make a decision today that no matter how long, you will give it your best until you experience success, insists Toby Nwazor, founder of

33 Insider Tips For Getting Hired At A Startup

It’s cool to work for a startup, but that’s also why it’s so hard to actually get a job with one: everyone else wants to do it too. Competition is fierce, but with the right knowledge and approach, you can find a way to make the cut.

Eight Great Creative Freelance Careers

Working as a freelancer today is a respected career track with many benefits the “day job” can’t offer. Cameron Schiff recommends several creative freelance careers that may be a perfect fit for your education and skills.

Should I Work First?

I received an email from a reader yesterday asking for some advice. I thought the answer may be applicable to some of you and...

10 Things I Learned About Entrepreneurship

Willis Wee of shares ten things he's learned as an entrepreneur.

5 Ways Professionals Can Succeed As New Entrepreneurs

by Dr. Seth Newman and Dr. Efstathios Giannoutsos, co-authors of "Giving It To You Straight: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Orthodontics But...

Getting Started With Earning Multiple Income Streams

There are hundreds of passive income ideas that can help you get started with earning multiple streams of income. Brian King, Marketing Director for Compass Offices shares a few of them.

Do You Really Need An Investor For Your Startup?

by Anand Srinivasan, founder of Aspiring entrepreneurs often see startups as their ticket to independence from the 9 to 5 work life. Make no mistake,...

7 Things That Can Kill A Startup

Nate Vickery points out seven mistakes that business owners make that can ruin them early on.

How To Live On A Small Salary

It's very possible to live on a low salary while you pursue a career you'll love, says Billy Moller. As an added bonus, learning to manage your money and live a simple, frugal lifestyle will establish good money habits that will last you throughout your life.

Turn Your Web Design Talent Into Freelance Success

By Dan Bochichio, co-founder of Bocain Designs It’s 2016, and just about everyone either does business online or uses the internet as a tool to discover,...

Things To Consider When Starting An IT Company

If you are interested in opening an IT company, there are a number of other factors that you will have to consider. Alex Christo looks at some of them.

The High School Handbook For Young Entrepreneurs

As young people enter the job market for the first time, many think their only option is a traditional hourly position or a 9-5 job - the reality is that they can foster their entrepreneurial side from the start. Joe Edgar, CEO of TenantCloud shares some tips for young entrepreneurs who too are looking for how they can start a race.

The 5 Tools I Use To Stay On Top Of Everything

Yiannis Gavrielides, CEO of Covve shares some of the tools he uses to stay on top of his work and personal life.

[Infographic] How To Love Your Job

Here's an infographic from human resource consulting company Adecco that includes some facts and figures on the relationships between love, work and happiness.

How To Get From Ideation To Execution In A Hardware Startup

The foundation of a good hardware product is emphasising on a single feature and making the product consumer-friendly. Arindam Paul of Atomberg Technologies highlights the six points to remember that can transform an idea into a bankable business.

6 Tips For Writing The Perfect CrunchBase Profile

You’ve likely already built profiles on Twitter or LinkedIn for your business, keeping them updated and responding efficiently to posts you receive there. Take things one step further and add your company to CrunchBase.

5 Top Tips To Keeping Your Small Business Afloat

Whether you’re trying to turn your favorite hobby into a career or simply like the idea of being your own boss, starting a small business can be hard, especially for someone young. It’s even harder to keep your business going once you’ve got it off the ground, so here’s a few tips to help you out.

Main Steps To Starting A Business

You've got a business idea. Unfortunately, you don't know anything about business solutions or what you have to do to actually get your company off the ground. Don't worry:'s James Kim shares a quick walk-through.

From Blue Collar To Millionaire… You Can Too

Marcos Jacober moved to the US in 1998 with only a dream and $100 in his pocket. Today, he is an authority in the real estate business, with more than 500 transactions in his portfolio.

Why Your Tiny Startup Needs A Business Plan

The best purpose of a business plan is to help you and your team (if you have one) develop, refine and update your plan for the business. A business plan gives you one place where you can coalesce your key thoughts and decisions.

How To Negotiate Your Salary Even In A Tough Economy

Danielle Herman, consultant at The GAP Partnership shares some tips to help you successfully persuade a potential employer into offering a higher salary.

It’s Time To Be Branded

After being in business for years, Chelsea Berler, author of “The Curious One: From Food Stamps to CEO – One Woman’s Journey through Struggle, Tragedy, Success and Love“ discovered (the hard way) that she needed a personal brand. She shares why, and why you need one too.