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10 Reasons Why You Should Join A Business Plan Competition

With high confidence and ego, you said to yourself “I want to be an entrepreneur”. You have a great business idea and vision. One possible way to start is to join a business plan competition.

10 Steps To Creating The Perfect Logo For Your Startup

If you're a startup on a budget, you may consider designing your logo yourself. If so, here's a 10-step process to creating a perfect logo for your business.

What To Know When Starting A Real Estate Investing Business

Investing in real estate can be rewarding, but expect that you’ll still need to face several challenges before you can attain success.

Seven Ways To Make A Flying Start With Your Small Business

Starting a business and making a success of it is not easy. But there are ways you can aim to maximize your chances of success. Keith Tully, a partner at business rescue specialists Real Business Rescue, offers some of them.

Insights For New Business Owners

Greg Glebe, founder and CEO of Pedestal Source, provides some insights and tips he found helpful when first starting out.

Questions Every Young Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves

A lot of young entrepreneurs rush into business without giving it the proper thought and consideration beforehand. Make sure you can answer these questions in detail before you get started:

[Infographic] Silicon Valley Giants’ Secrets To Success

Here's an infographic that details the secrets of success from some of the biggest giants in Silicon Valley, from Elon Musk to Sheryl Sandberg to Evan Williams, and many others in between.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

I was recently contacted by an entrepreneur - let's call him John - who was seeking some marketing advice for his new technological startup. ...

20 Essential TED Talks For Entrepreneurial Students

Here are 20 must-watch videos from TED if you're an entrepreneur-minded student.

Career Needs A Re-Do? Here Are 5 Tips To Turn Your Life Experience Into...

If you have found yourself wondering if you are truly fulfilled by your current career you are not alone. Holly Caplan shares five tips to re-evaluating, and turning your life experiences into a full-time career.

The Five Most Common Legal Mistakes New Companies Make

Too many startups expose their business to unnecessary risk by making some common legal mistakes. Tricia Meyer, managing attorney at Meyer Law, highlights five to watch out for.

6 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have On Their Resumes

Entrepreneurs are a diverse bunch but some abilities are universal despite the sector or personality. Discover the 6 key skills every founder needs now.

[Infographic] What You Need To Know To Be Productive At Work

Here's an infographic by Davitt Corporate Partners that looks at how your environment at work can have an impact on your levels of productivity, coupled with helpful tips on how you can ensure a productive workspace and much more.

Get Out Of Job Jail

Are you in Job Jail? How can you tell if you're stuck in underemployment? Audrey LeGrand, author of How To Get Out of Job Jail, shares some resume health tips.

Six Ways To Raise And Nurture A Young Entrepreneur

Children are natural-born entrepreneurs. Since many schools don't teach financial literacy courses or offer similar opportunities, here are some ways parents can teach kids about money, financial responsibility, and entrepreneurship.

How Startups Can Avoided The Dreaded Slow Start

All entrepreneurs need to take steps to make sure that a slow start is avoided. It’s all about planning and preparation. If your business takes the steps outlined below, you should be able to avoid that dreaded slow start.

Freelancing – A Prelude To Entrepreneurship 

Freelancing isn't new to this generation – it has been around for a while. Only time will tell whether or not it can take up a larger share of the services market, says Soumik Roy.

5 Tips For Going From Bench Player To Star In The Business World

Sports history is filled with the heroics of substitute players coming off the bench and playing a big role in a victory. It's the same in the corporate world. Grant Parr, author of "The Next One Up Mindset: How To Prepare For The Unknown", shares five ways to spend time wisely while waiting for your opportunity.

5 Tips For The Young, Graduated, And Working At Home

The increasing likelihood that young people will be hired for a job contingent on remote productivity is a sobering one. It is pertinent that young workers ever begin developing a few good habits and prepare to practice self-discipline, argues Anna Johansson.

Four Major Startup Stages That You Should Know About

Arsalan Sajid, startup community manager at Cloudways says it's important to understand the whole startup life cycle in stages before you start a business to get the most benefit.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned From Starting 3 eCommerce Companies

There are ton of good ideas left. Give yourself a major edge by starting off with something that you’re actually interested in, advises Jackson Cunningham, founder of Tuft and Paw.

Why Your Startup Should Be A Dating Site

Choosing and creating a startup is a delicate affair. Alex Reddle of looks at 5 reasons why you should decide on a date site as your next great business.

10 Most Successful College Entrepreneurs of All Time

If you’ve got a great idea, there’s no reason to hold off acting on it until you have a degree. Just ask these college entrepreneurs.

4 Essential Advice For Young Professionals

It is imperative that you learn to value what you have in order to be more successful. This is especially true to young professionals, who need to come up with ways to become successful in their field.

7 Things Every New Entrepreneur Must Know

Author of "20,000 Days and Counting" Robert D. Smith shares some harsh love with aspiring entrepreneurs.

How To Succeed As A Successful Entrepreneur Today

Many view starting a business as complete madness. Here are a few tips, tricks, and guidelines to get you on the road to successful entrepreneurship.

Ten Tips To Help Graduates Survive (And Thrive!) In The Job Market Jungle

The hiring landscape facing recent college grads is inhospitable, to say the least. Coach Micheal J. Burt and Colby B. Jubenville share ten tactics to help graduates create a best-odds scenario for acing interviews and landing a job.

Side Hustle: The Legalities Around Making Extra Cash Outside Of Your Full-Time Job

Whilst having a side hustle is not illegal, there are some necessary issues you need to consider so that you stay in line with legal regulations.

Starting A Business From Zero

Dr David Kues shares four tips to jumpstarting you on the road to starting your business – with or without money.

Start It Up: Five Surprisingly Great Times To Launch Your Business

Many people want to start their own businesses, but feel that “it’s just not the right time.” Author of "8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Start-Up Success" Sean C. Castrina explains why five common excuses should actually be used as motivation to become your own boss.