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How To Create A Fulfilling Career


by Keryl Pesce, author of “Happy Bitch

Whether it is a boss who is borderline psycho (OK, hands in the air – who’s had one of those?), a company which doesn’t show its appreciation for your hard work, a co-worker who barely deserves the right to be called a “worker” or the conditions or functions of  your work sucking, there are ways you can be happier at work.

In a nutshell, you’ve got two options. You can either change your circumstances or change you.

Let’s address the first option.

Change your circumstances.

1. Follow your passion.

Take 30 quiet minutes away from distractions (I know it may be tough, but figure it out) and do some blue-sky thinking. Temporarily set aside any real or perceived limitations and ask yourself “What would I love to do? What am I passionate about? What am I naturally good at or would love to learn to do? How can I serve other people? Find the point where the answer to all these questions intersects and you’re on to something. Look to find a job doing this or consider starting your own business.

2. Don’t quit your day job.

At least not right away. When you make the decision to pursue your passion, you need to do so without the pressure of needing it to work. Don’t add unnecessary anxiety to the equation.

3. Be patient AND persistent.

Start taking baby steps. Begin by having fun with your new ideas and project. Do it for the fun and excitement of it, and things are likely to fall in place faster. Good energy attracts good circumstances and opportunities. Stay with it.

Not everyone is cut out for making a major change of changing jobs or starting their own business, and that’s OK, so let’s talk about what options you have if this is you.

Change you.

1. Quit bitching.

Honestly, nobody wants to hear it. Plus, the universe is not going to reward you for complaining. It will respond by giving you more to complain about. Stop waiting for someone or something to rescue you. Be your own hero. Start focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want.

2. Become a bright spot.

Find a way every to positively impact the people with whom you come in contact. I met a bathroom attendant in an airport once who greeted people with such joy and amazing energy, people left the restroom with lifted spirits. The girl next to me at the mirror said she was pissed about leaving her shoes behind and now no longer cared. I ended up giving her an autographed copy of my book because she was such a beacon of light. If a bathroom attendant can find a way to enjoy her job and have a positive impact, so can you.

3. Play.

Find ways (without being mean or wasting too much time), to create games. I’ll give you a great one to get the ideas flowing. Play Bingo. Find a co-worker or friend who either works with you or is in a similar situation. Create Bingo cards with the things that annoy you occupying the squares. If your co-worker texts constantly or if your boss has an annoying habit, put those in the squares. Each time one of these events happens, you mark of the square. First one with a Bingo wins. It may sound silly, but you will transform how you view what used to annoy you into something you will actually look forward to. That’s the magic and power of changing your perspective.

Bottom line, being happier at work or otherwise, begins with you.


Keryl Pesce is a happiness expert and the author of Happy Bitch. She is co-host of the weekly talk radio show “Happy Hour” and is co-founder of Happy Bitch wine.