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Thinking Aloud Archives - Page 2 of 53 - Young Upstarts

Thinking Aloud

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Family Now, Work Later: An Unconventional Approach To Happiness And Success

We are taught to believe that working hard during our “prime earning years” means we get to relax and enjoy the good life later on. That’s exactly backwards, says Steve Cook. Here’s how to shift this mindset so you can spend today enjoying your family and your life.

3 Reasons The Remote Work Trend Is Here To Stay

Remote work is here to stay and will be a key differentiator for organizations who want to build the best teams with the best talent from around the world, says Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs, co-founders of Gig Talent.

The Year Of The Quitter: Seven Things To Stop Doing In 2021

Instead of making new resolutions to add (and later discard) in the new year, Steve Cook says we should be focusing on what we want to subtract.
work from home

Teach Your Kids The Value Of Money With 4 Simple Steps

James A. DeGaetano Jr., author of "The Fruitful Retirement" shares a system his developed to teach his children about the value of money.

Do You Care Enough To Succeed? 

show everyone around you that you’re determined, you’re motivated, and you’re bound to succeed, says Chris Cicchinelli.

The 5 Most Important Things A Business Leader Should Know

by Roe Patterson, CEO of Basic Energy Services and author of "Crude Blessings" I regularly get asked how I have accomplished so much at a young age....

Level-Up With A Mentor

If you are prepared to take your career to the next level through mentorship, it's time to put the insecurity aside and make it happen.

9 Creative Meeting Ideas For Remote Teams

How do you meet the needs of your remote team members and keep them inspired and productive? Lisa Tener shares some creative remote team meeting ideas.

The Future of Digital Marketing Is Now

by Angus Robertson, Partner and CMO at Chief Outsiders It turns out that the triple threat of being locked away in quarantine, forbidden from visiting...

5 Mistakes We Made While Growing A Startup In Southeast Asia

In March 2016, Rosanne Hortensius left the Netherlands to launch online couponing platform Saleduck in Southeast Asia. she shares her experiences of what she has learnt along the way and what can be done differently.

Successful Startups From The Last 5 Years

by Paul Brooks, It’s always satisfying to see good ideas get traction, and even more exciting to see entrepreneurs being rewarded for their hard...

The Post-Pandemic Portfolio: The Asset Class New Investors Can’t Afford To Miss

It wasn’t long ago that the Airbnb home-sharing model sounded completely alien. Now, the future is that kind of flexible, and the short-term rental strategy is positioned to see a massive influx of demand in the post-COVID market.

Single Handle Every Task

By focusing clearly on your most valuable task and concentrating single-mindedly until it is 100 percent complete, you actually shape and mold your own character, argues Brian Tracy.

The Benefits Of Writing And Publishing Your Own Thought Leadership Book

Writing and publishing a thought leadership book can be a powerful tool for establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, thereby increasing your visibility and credibility.

Gaming And Advertising: Two Divergent Worlds Converging

Recent progress in gaming technology and business models represent an unprecedented opportunity that advertisers can no longer ignore, argues Alan Ngai of Bidstack.

Does Mobilegeddon Really Even Matter?

On April 21, Google launched its new algorithm update, designed to alter the ranking of its mobile search results to favor mobile-friendly sites and ultimately, to provide a better search experience for mobile users. Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies explores its impact on small businesses.

The Importance Of Mentorship In Tech Careers

Mentorship in tech gives people who are making new decisions the opportunity to learn from individuals who have made similar decisions in the past.

Ways To Achieve A Positive Mindset And How It Will Help You Succeed

Career development and impact coach Katie Sandler offers some advice on how you can develop a positive mindset and achieve success.

Dynamic Stars Co-Founder Brad Zackson’s Exclusive Tips For Purchasing Real Estate In A Tight...

What should you do when buying real estate in a tight market? Brad Zackson shares some tips to secure your investment.

Top 5 Things CMOs Will Be Expected To Manage In 2021

CMOs will have a lot on their plates in the near future. Per Ohstrom shares the top five things CMOs are expected to manage in 2021.

How To Start An IT Department In Your Startup

Establishing an IT department can be a turning point for a small business. Lewis Robinson looks at how a startup should look at starting one.

Five Keys To Remote Business Success Every Founder Needs To Know In 2021

Richard Roth, Founder of Progressive Tech shares some tech tips that entrepreneurs can implement right now to build security and momentum into 2021.

How To Leverage The Power Of An Older And Younger Workforce (And Why You...

Now that people are staying in the workforce longer than previous generations, organizations can hire from many age groups. In a business environment dominated by Millennials and younger workers, workplace trends expert Rick Grimaldi makes the case for why older employees are not just important, but essential.

6 Tips To Improve Time Management

By making a few small changes to how you tackle your workflow, prioritize tasks and manage your calendar, you can significantly impact your work day and ensure your time is well managed.

Shame, Guilt And Envy: Poisons Or Massive Gifts?

Author of "90 Days to Life: A Journey from Turmoil to Triumph" Ruble Chandy looks at the emotions that are shame, envy and guilt are and how they shaped the human race.

The Five Things People Need To Know When Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are now everywhere. Here are the five things people need to know when hiring a virtual assistant.

5 MarTech Trends For 2022

Jordan Buning shares a few martech trends for 2022 he believes could help push your business to the next level.

Could COVID Kill Entrepreneurship? How To Make Sure It Doesn’t

What steps should small business owners take to make sure they come out on the other side of the current crisis in good shape? Andi Gray, president of Strategy Leaders highlights a few points for them to consider.

What Impact Social Media Truly Had On Society

Jenny Q. Ta, CEO of and author of "Wall Street Cinderella", takes a closer look at the effect of social media on politics, business, socialization as well as some of the negative effects such as cyber bullying and privacy.

Preparing For The Future Of Work

When it comes to the future of work, embrace digital transformation and remote work when they make sense for your company. But also focus on enabling human capital, says Louis Lehot.