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Thinking Aloud Archives - Page 3 of 53 - Young Upstarts

Thinking Aloud

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The Secret To Planning A Productive Day: Minimize Distractions & Create Balance

by Dylan Ogline, founder of Ogline Digital In our productivity-focused society, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming every hour of your day...

Intrapreneurship – Why Is It Important?

An Intrapreneur is the employee who uses his creative streak and entrepreneurial skills to achieve the goal of the organization. Aditya Singhal, co-founder of Transtutors look at the qualities of an intrapreneur and why companies should look for them.

How COVID-19 Is Shaping The Future Of SaaS

There is little doubt that one of the biggest takeaways of COVID-19 has been the acceleration of digital transformation worldwide. David Karandish, founder and CEO of Capacity shares his thoughts.

9 Powerful Lessons We Can Learn From The Sun

If we can learn to be as steady and giving as the sun, we will have lived lives not just worth remembering, but lives worth living too, says Scott Cramer, President of the Go Solar Group.

4 Questions To Consider Before Investing In A Passive Income Opportunity

Litan Yahav shares the four questions you need to consider before investing in a passive income opportunity.

Top Things To Consider When Buying New Technology

With the rapid rate of development in new technology there is no surprise that this is the fastest growing sector of the market. Whether it is the latest smartphone, or a digital camera that also makes toast, pretty much everybody has enjoyed the guilty pleasure of indulging in a new gadget of some kind, shape, or description. Here are some tips when looking to buy the newest technology.

Why SMEs Are Better Positioned To Fight Cyber Threats

by George Lee, Vice President, Asia Pacific, and Japan, RSA Have you been to the zoo and wondered what you would do if the lion...

How Remote Business Owners Can Prevent Burnout & Stay Sane While Working From Home

Here are some preventative measures that will help you keep burnout at bay and always stay motivated and excited about your entrepreneurial pursuits.

5 Ways To Build Resilience​

Resilience is a choice — in the face of adverse events — to persevere. It is, simply, the wherewithal to stick with a long-term goal when faced with any obstacle and see it through to the end, argues Lauren Ruef.

Kind Words At Work: 16 Ways To Communicate With Empathy At Work

May Habib, co-founder and CEO of Writer shares a checklist for how you can have empathy at work in your next email, chat message, or video conversation.

New Demands On Leaders In A Changing World Don’t Change Bedrock Principles

Leaders need to be flexible, be open to compromise and collaboration. But they cannot compromise the company’s integrity, its vision, mission, core culture values, or its brand.

Ten Ways To Be More Prolific With Your Smart Phone

You have a miracle at your fingertips - your mobile phone. Scott GInsberg shares 10 of his favorite tips on how to be more prolific with your smart phone. 

Four Companies That Cast Off Their Constraints And Innovated Like Crazy

Gary Harpst looks at four companies that famously vaulted over limitations to create something completely new.

How To Feel Grateful When You Just… Don’t (A Thanksgiving Message for Tough Times)

While Thanksgiving is fast approaching, you may be feeling anything but grateful. Walter Bond explains how adopting a “shark-like” mindset can spark true thankfulness… even in hard times.  

The True Potential Of No-Code

No-code tools are platforms that allow users to build applications and workflow solutions without having to write code. Brett Li looks at their potential.

Advice For Young Start-Ups: Some Lessons On Hiring, Boundaries, Expectations, And Trust

Sarah Y. Tse, author of "7 Years on the Front Line" shares some important business lessons she's learned throughout my professional journey.

Mindfulness At Work Does Not Help Find Meaning. Here’s What Does.

In the post-COVID world, effective workspaces will need to find ways to make all stakeholders feel like empowered partners in value creating activities.

Are Your Efforts To Squelch Othering Perpetuating It?

Organizations want to create belonging for all. But when their DEI initiatives seem to uplift only historically marginalized identities, they can inevitably (and unintentionally) look like they are “othering” everyone else. Amri B. Johnson says it’s time to end the “us” and “them” paradigm for good.
young woman in office

Strength In Difference: The Power Of Neurodiversity

For early-stage startup entrepreneurs and small business teams, establishing a process to incorporate neurodiversity in the workplace will be imperative.

Learning More Languages Could Benefit Your Business

Being bilingual — even in a language that’s not widely spoken — serves many benefits as an entrepreneur, says Mike Szczesny.

Why Scaling A Company Entirely Of Freelancers Can Be Good For Your Business

Though many employers remain averse to hiring freelancers due to the potential risks of non-commitment and missed deadlines, Ginni Saraswati of Ginni Media believes the risks are far outweighed by the potential benefits.

Three Questions To Ask For Greater Self-Awareness

There are three critical questions you can ask yourself that can help you develop radical self-awareness, to locate yourself on your journey, to identify who you’re being and why, and to change your song when you find yourself off course.

Companies Must Focus On Growth, Not Recession

Businesses should continue to invest in growth strategies because there are — in the current economy — still plenty of opportunities for most companies in most industries.

Small Business Optimism Persists, Despite The Pandemic

This year has undoubtedly taken a toll on so many small businesses, yet the data shows the entrepreneurial spirit remains strong with a drive to push onward, improve and succeed.

Why Leaders Need To Remember That They Are Human Too

To be a truly effective leader, and to get the best out of those you lead, you can’t be afraid to be fully human, insists Jeanet Wade.

Kicking Ass In A Corset: The Jane Austen Toolkit For Every Entrepreneur In A...

Andrea Kayne shares the principles of Austen’s six heroines that every entrepreneur should keep in her toolkit.

Don’t Fight Self-Interest, Embrace It

If we can harness people's tendency for self interest and turn its massive power to productive means, we can change the world for good, says Jeffrey Martinovich.

Are You Ready For Your Next Trade Show?

Per Ohstrom, CMO with Chief Outsiders looks at the planning, executing and following up on highly effective shows, and explores what metrics to use for success.

[INTERVIEW] Thomas Haughton, Winnipeg Executive, Vice President Of My Place Realty

As Vice President of My Place Realty, a Winnipeg-based property management company, Thomas Haughton and his team help people find high-quality multi-family residences that they are proud to call home. 
t-shirt printing

Four Steps To Creating Great Merch For Your Small Business (That People Will Actually...

Looking to create merchandise for your business? If you want to make things your customers actually want to wear, there's a few key things to consider.