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[Review] The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint


Just as Alicia Keys sang that you can be a superwoman, acclaimed entrepreneur and business coach Vicki Irvin also believes that any woman can lead a superwoman lifestyle. In her new book, “The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint”, Irvin  inks a blueprint that breaks down the steps you can follow in achieving career success while holding on to the other important things in your life.

Irvin, who previously worked in human resources and seeing too many people losing their jobs, herself stepped away from a traditional 9-to-5 job because she needed to find “a more self-fulfilling way to secure her financial future”. She moved to real estate investing, turning it into a lucrative real estate coaching business and finally evolving that into an entrepreneurial coaching business. She distills much of what she’s learned from those businesses into this book.

In “The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint”, Irvin posits that there are three pillars in a “superwoman lifestyle” – business, beauty and balance:

Business: A lot of women have great ideas and concepts they can turn into businesses but often they don’t step forward with these ideas due to fear, self-doubt and the lack of knowledge on how to pull it all together

Beauty: If you don’t feel good about yourself on the inside and the outside, you will be limited in what you can achieve

Balance: Too many women don’t push forward with their own dreams because they give too much time to others and neglect themselves

She then offers a five-step blueprint that you can follow:

  1. Begin with your strengths
  2. Build yourself first
  3. Become extraordinary
  4. Banish fear
  5. Believe in every opportunity

To be fair, as a man, some of the material within the book won’t apply. Concerns such as:

There is always going to be someone prettier than you, so stop comparing yourself to other people, it’s pointless.

aren’t something that cross men’s minds, after all. But “The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint” is a succinctly-written inspirational book with great advice for women, especially mompreneurs, and yes, even men, to take hold of their own lives and be successful.

The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint” launches tomorrow.