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Offline Ideas to Generate Web Traffic For Your Web Startup


[Credit: WebFactoryBelgium.com]
(Credit: WebFactoryBelgium.com)
There are several offline ideas available to make sure that you generate maximum website traffic for your web startup using some clever marketing skills.

1. Custom Signage

An amazing way to get started is to creatively affix custom signage, such as stickers, or vinyl banners, featuring your website address or business name to any number of places such as your:
– car
– bike
– motorcycle
– storefront
– home

The possibilities are endless, so get creative, while maintaining caution not to become a nuisance to anyone.

2. Business Cards

Another very common way to market your website offline is through use of a business card. Every time you have the opportunity to get introduced to someone in any new forum, hand them a card. After all, your business card is your greatest networking weapon.

When in the workplace, you may want to use your letterhead or stationary as advertising tools. You could also have your website address pinned up on your work desk. Each time someone comes to meet you or visit you or ask you a query, they will inadvertently take note of your website address flashing from your desk.

3.Voice Mail

You could also mention the website address or business name on your voice mail greeting. While informing callers that you will return their call, you can also ask them to check out your website, and thereby taking an opportunity to advertise your online business. In this moment you have the callers undivided attention as he will undoubtedly wait to leave a message. Thus, you have turned an ordinary phone call into extraordinary opportunity to market your website.

4. Mobile Ring Tones

Customize the ring tone of your phone. I’m not talking about T-Pain and the auto tune, or those midi file ringtones from the old days.

Do a professional voice recording of the name of your company website or business name. Use this recording as your phone’s ring tone. Each time your phone rings anywhere, anyone and everyone around you can hear your website or business name. It will be a catchy and surprising thing for any listener and will certainly raise curiosity.

5. Word-of-Mouth, Literally

There’s nothing like word-of-mouth marketing. Every time you come across someone new, just skillfully weave in your website address or business name into your conversation.

6. Comments And Feedback

Another idea is to post a comment or a feedback or a letter to any or all of the local or international newspapers or magazines, and in the “From” address line, write your name, followed by your website address. Can you imagine the kind of mass distribution of those magazines or newspapers, and the resultant kind of traffic that it can generate?

7. Guerrilla Marketing

Another great option is to hit any library. Cleverly sneak into the section that deals with the area of specialization of your website or business, and those books are your playground. You could take them one by one and insert a card or a bookmark with your website address written on it. Can you imagine the kind of business relevant traffic you will drive straight to your web site with this idea?

8. Billboard Advertising

And if these great ideas aren’t enough, there is simply the old fashion roadside attention getter, the billboard. Thousands of travelers take note of billboards. Each passer-by is a potential customer. The number of people whom you can access through the use of a billboard can increase exponentially when out in high traffic areas, or seasons.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with these offline website traffic accelerating ideas right NOW!


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