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Advice for Experienced, Evolving Entrepreneurs



Given the current state of today’s economy and the constant tightening of available business credit, entrepreneurs must remain vigilant. To do so they must be committed to their cause and consider some simple yet essential elements of success. Experienced entrepreneurs looking to evolve with the times can learn from successful businesses that have not only survived this current economic climate but prospered in it as well. So what are these essential attributes that all entrepreneurs, both new and old, should be aware of?

Protect Profit at all Costs

Protecting your profit should be the highest priority for any entrepreneur, whether you have years of experience or are new to your industry. To be successful financially means you’ll need to control your fixed and variable cost structure and never allow profit to take a back seat to rising costs. This often involves making tough decisions relative to these costs. Constantly ask yourself how best to control costs to help keep your profit margin on track.

Adapt an Aggressive Marketing Plan

A great deal of aspiring entrepreneurs become so convinced that their product or service will be successful that the mere mention of possible failure is immediately rejected and subsequently ignored. While it’s good to remain positive, it’s crucial to do your homework — also known as continuing market research. Market conditions and consumer preferences vary. Stay updated on issues like

  • how relevant your product or service is to current market conditions
  • what price customers are willing to pay for your product or service
  • what your competition is up to

Effective marketing strategies can help you target your ideal consumers and then retain them. They can also save you money, as you’ll know where you should invest your money when it comes to advertising techniques.

Defeat the Daily Cost of Money

If there was ever one aspect of running a business that business professionals often ignore, it has to be the impact of the daily cost of money. Any business, regardless of size, will invariably come to rely upon business credit or other financing in order to support its endeavors. Companies need business credit to support their inventories, pay bills, and run their day to day operations. The daily cost of money is based on the interest rate paid on these business loans and credit lines. While debt is necessary and may not necessarily be bad, you don’t want your money tied up indefinitely, either.

Stay Updated on Industry Developments

Each profession out there has a number of legal restrictions put in place to regulate its respective industry and protect consumers. When you’ve been in a career field for a while, you may get used to doing business a certain way. To stay in the loop you need find a way to be informed of new developments in industry regulations, as failing to do so could cost you a great deal of money. Restrictions involving legalities constantly change, such as what business tax applies to you or which surety bond definition is most applicable to your enterprise.

While entrepreneurship can be a struggle, keeping in mind these effective tips can prove effective for experienced entrepreneurs looking to keep their edge.

This guest post was written by Kristen Bradley of SuretyBonds.com, an agency that issued surety bonds across the nation. SuretyBonds.com helps new and experienced entrepreneurs meet legally required bonding regulations every day. The agency works to ensure business professionals have the tools and information necessary to excel in today’s challenging business market.







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