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[Review] Karen Okulicz’s Try!, Decide!, And Attitude!


Sometimes you just need some inspiration in your life. Perhaps you’ve recently lost your job, encountered some personal tragedy or are simply down on your luck. Karen Okulicz, with her three books “Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment“, “Decide! How to Make Any Decision” and “Attitude! (For Your Best Lived Life)“, may just offer the right antidote to help you through these difficult times.

These little books are motivational and inspirational tracts that come out of Okulicz’s personal experience and challenges. “Try!“, her first book, was one she wrote after becoming unemployed twice in three years. This “survival guide to unemployment” help you relook and rethink how you can deal with sudden employment – and gives advice such as trying out many different activities to help pass time, gain some skills, and maybe find out what makes you happy.

On the other hand, if you find it difficult to make decisions Okulicz’s “Decide!” offers an approach to decision-making. Using the techniques of of movement, asking, visualization and understanding the timing of things, Okulicz shows us how we can reach any decision without (too much) anguish or unnecessary time-wasting. Simple advice such as writing things down, distilling a problem down to a single “Yes or No” questions, will make decision-making so much easier.

“Attitude!”, on the other hand, is a little tome about having the right, positive outlook on life. There are always issues and people around us who cast a shadow in our lives – Okulicz calls these ‘joy robbers’ – and recommends steps you can take to deal with them.

Written in stream-of-conscious style with lots of short snappy sentences, quips and phrases, Ms. Okulicz imparts her wisdom and shares ideas and suggestions for successfully navigating the world of work and thriving there. All three are smallish books that you can easily finish within an hour as a quick spiritual and mental pick-me-ups. They are written in a stream-of-consciousness style, so much so that you feel as though it was a trusted friend sharing some words of wisdom, as opposed to some mental health expert dispensing hard advice.

You can buy the books from her website.


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