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uSamp’s SurveyBuilder – Create Online Surveys Free, Pay To Reach Audiences


Encino, California-based technology and online sampling company uSamp just introduced SurveyBuilder™ (www.surveybuilder.com), an online self-service solution that provides online survey authoring tools that allows small to medium businesses, non-profits and academia to create and populate online surveys.

Instead of paying for subscription fees, SurveyBuilder is free to use – you only pay-as-you-go when you implement a campaign aimed at uSamp‘s database of vetted, targeted respondents. Organizations can also import and use their own databases, and then create and populate surveys for free.

“By combining on-demand access to survey respondents and survey authoring in one powerful SaaS platform, SurveyBuilder provides quality market research for the masses – improving the speed of attaining survey respondents, simplifying the purchase process, and creating instant value to users,” says Matt Dusig, uSamp co-founder and CEO.   “SurveyBuilder makes one-stop survey development both possible and unbelievably easy.”

SurveyBuilder bridges the gap that has existed between established online survey tools and their ability – or rather, inability – to populate a survey,” adds Gregg Lavin, uSamp co-founder and President.  “Most online survey tools charge monthly service fees for use of their platform.  Due to uSamp’s network of high-quality and targeted survey respondents, we simply don’t need to charge users for authoring surveys, publishing those surveys to their own websites, social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, or wherever they engage their own audience.”

SurveyBuilder features include:

– Create free unlimited online surveys with a large selection of interactive multiple question types, custom logic creation, drag-and-drop reordering of pages, questions and answers, standardized thank you and terminate pages,

– Fully customizable survey template with instant preview,

– Promote surveys to social network sites and proprietary channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for free,

– Purchase high-quality survey respondents as needed,

– Analyze responses in real time and instantly customize reports, and

– Export and share data in usable formats.


  1. We’ve used a few of these survey makers and SurveyBuilder worked out well for our needs.  I helped a friend with an animal rescue nonprofit.  Good work, guys. 

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