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How Can You Tap Into Your Superpower? 5 Tips For Becoming A Visionary Leader

A visionary leader guides companies to positive change and significant growth with great ideas and long-term decision-making. They inspire and empower their team.

Three Ways Subscriptions Will Help You Thrive In The Ecommerce Era, And How To...

The subscription economy will grow to $1.5 trillion by 2025, more than doubling its current $650 billion estimate. To capitalize on and sustain this growth trend, many ecommerce businesses are adding subscriptions to their offerings.

Blockchain, Crypto And NFTs: Trends To Expect In 2022 And Beyond

What might 2022 hold for the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces? Mark Li and Dmitri Alexeev look at a few notable trends for this year and beyond.

The Gifts Of Ego And Fear

Catalogue what you have learned or are learning about the role of your ego and your fears in the workplace. Let the gifts of those lessons shape your character as you continue your career journey.

How To Build Leadership Programs For Women In Your Organization

Businesses and other organizations can do a much better job of helping women reach their leadership potential. Barbara Bell shares some ways organizations can develop better leadership programs for women.

How Chronic Pain Changed My Relationship With Productivity

There has been a recent shift away from the hustle culture mindset. Michelle Patterson shares how she retains productivity while dealing with chronic pain.

Do You Have A Process To Build Your Retirement Plan? 3 Key Steps

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how far your retirement savings will go and how to make them last? Proper planning can achieve that goal. 

Secret To Small Business Success: Commitment To Lifelong Learning

When asked about their management style and what it takes to succeed, the No. 1 characteristic small business owners cite is a “commitment to lifelong learning.”

When To Choose In-House Digital Marketing And When Not To

Outsourcing your digital needs not only gives you flexibility; it opens your options to a whole team of specialists who have different areas of expertise as opposed to one employee that meets your specific criteria at a particular time.

Why Every Leader Needs to Ask Themselves, “Who Am I Being?”

Whenever we sense our team is not accomplishing all that they could, it’s always worth asking ourselves as leaders, "Who am I being that is causing those around me to be who they are?".

The Conscience Of The King: Living Your Own Culture’s Values

There are countless examples of business leaders violating norms with disastrous decisions and extreme actions. Their companies suffer greatly as a result.

A Time Of Invention And Reinvention: How Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into Creativity

Your success as an entrepreneur is largely contingent on your ability to solve problems effectively. The best tool you have is your creativity, and knowing how to cultivate it and harness it, says Jarl Jensen.

How To Change Your Mindset And Achieve Your Life Missions

Without the ability to set goals, focus on the steps and work needed to achieve those goals, and change one’s mindset along the way, success as an entrepreneur cannot be guaranteed, insists Leon Ho.

Six Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Their Philanthropic Efforts

Looking at giving back? Bob Schegel offers some tips for entrepreneurs who are interested in giving back to their communities.

3 Ways To Help Promote Diversity In Technology Careers

There are some helpful approaches we can take to promote diversity in tech, not only from tech companies themselves, but also as an inclusive global community, says Liliana Monge.
cheerleader cheerleading

Establishing Yourself In A Competitive Industry: Tips From An NBA And NFL Pro Cheerleader

GeNienne Samuels, CEO of Sideline Prep, shares some best practices from cheerleading for outstanding performance in any competitive industry.

The Power Of Stories

Personal stories are what motivate people to continue the challenging work of DEI and what inspire allies to join the movement to create an inclusion ripple effect.

How Franchisees Can Recruit Successfully And Retain Top Employees

Chris Buitron shares some tips that can help franchisees looking for good employees they can rely on, along with ways to keep them once they’re hired.

Making A Measurable Difference – It’s In The Data

In almost any scenario, business or otherwise, we are surrounded by the tools that can drive improvement. In Sani Nudge's case, the improvement work started with understanding data.

Put On Your Headphones And Block Out The Noise

Tanvir Bhangoo shares a five-step plan that can help you stay focused, block out the noise, and deliver results.

Finding Talent? Don’t Come To A Laser Beam Fight With A Shotgun

The sudden surge of people chomping at the bit to go out on their own provides an unprecedented opportunity for vertical talent marketplaces to grow exponentially over the next five years. 

[Excerpt] Naked At The Knife-Edge

Intuition is perhaps our greatest superpower as humans. It’s a gift we see in young children, where they can often be incredibly incisive and perceptive.

Forget Hyper-Growth. Focus On Responsible Growth.

Growth is good. But hyper-growth, or blitz-scaling, for the wrong reasons is irresponsible and potentially harmful, says Hemant Taneja.

Inflation Means More Than Just Higher Prices For Small Businesses

A rise in prices is the central issue that small businesses face when inflation is on the rise, argues Jay Jung.

Before Leading Others, Manage Yourself: 3 Ways To Improve What You Can Control 

Tom Noser offers three areas in which you can better manage yourself while improving the things you can control.

You Should Be Podcasting! Here’s How To Start 

Michelle Sorro, co-founder of The Podcast Accelerator, encourages people to take up podcasting and add their voice to the podcast world.

How’s Trading Looking So Far In The New Year?

For those assessing the best course for stock trading in 2022, here are a number of key factors brought into play by the pandemic that must be considered.
face masks

Innocent Habits You Must Break To Stay Safe In A COVID World

Tricia Holderman, author of "Germinator: The Germ Girl's Guide To Simple Solutions In A Germ-Filled World" shares some tips to keep yourself – and others – safe when you’re out and about.

Ten Reasons To Make Mentoring Your New Year’s Resolution

Most people think of mentoring as a giving exchange, but it’s really a getting exchange. Bert Thornton and Dr. Sherry Hartnett share ten ways becoming a mentor can benefit you in 2022 — and beyond.

How Can Elite Performers Overcome Nonstop Criticism And Find Strength?

Not only do elite performers operate in highly-demanding, highly-visible industries with unique pressures, they are often naturally empathetic, emotionally attuned individuals.