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Is It Too Late To Pandemic-Proof Your Business? 

As America struggles to re-open, marketing industry veteran Lonny Kocina has some smart advice for getting your business and products the attention they deserve.

How Startups Can Win With Virtual Internship Programs

Internship programs can be a springboard for both young professionals and the companies that hire them, argues Kristy Campbell, COO of Rev1 Ventures. Virtual internship programs may be the way to go.

The Need For Empathic Business Leadership In The COVID Environment

In the crisis as is the coronavirus pandemic, the world needs empathic business leaders who can act as the pillar of support, argues Bhupendra Choudhary.

Rejecting The New Normal

Rejecting the new normal is about finding a balance - and then letting your employees find their best path forward to renewed collaboration, says Rohan Thambrahalli, the Founder and President at UpstartWorks.

5 Stress-Reducing Tips To Build Immunity During Pandemic

Julie Potiker shares 5 tips that people at any level of mindfulness experience — from complete beginner to practiced expert — can use to reduce stress in their life and protect their immune system.

Taking The LEAN Approach: James Morgan On Why it’s Important To Stay On Top...

Worcester Air Conditioning LLC's president and CEO, James Morgan, discusses the importance of LEAN practices and building a structured, continuous approach to process improvement in an organization.

Why Networking Is Important During A Pandemic

Just because you can no longer grab a coffee with successful individuals at your local coffee shop to network does not mean that your networking efforts have ended, says Madison Campbell, CEO of Leda Health.

How Aristotle Can Help You Lead Your Business Through Tough Times

If Aristotle, Socrates, Voltaire and Immanuel Kant opened a corporate consulting business, here are a few things they would tell you about moving your business forward as the world tries to recover from COVID-19.

4 Tips For Startups During A Pandemic

In the rapidly changing climate of a pandemic world, corporations have had to radically rethink their strategies for survival. Juan Pablo Segura highlights four things to consider as startups pivot to meet the changing landscape.

Leading People In A Crisis – Yes, It Will Be Different

This is a time that requires leaders to bring their team together, really understand each person’s concerns, needs and hopes, and then lead from within, says Wayne Embree.

Businesses Must Plan Well, But Stay Flexible, To Overcome The Current Crisis

The businesses where leaders and employees all work together, plan carefully, and try to keep a positive attitude are the ones most likely to emerge in good shape when this is over, says Adam Witty.

Why Creativity And Empathy Will Be The Key Skills In An AI-Driven Future

Busywork is easy to automate, and no one, no matter how many hours they put in and how much of their life they sacrifice, is going to outwork AI on these tasks. Creativity and empathy on the other hand will remain distinctly human for a long time to come.

Optimize Sifting Through Data As You Work Remotely

How do you instantly find the information you need so you can seamlessly leverage it to work more efficiently from your home office? Elizabeth Thede, director of sales at dtSearch shares her thoughts.

Three Startup Financing Myths You Should Avoid

There are many myths that are given as advice when entrepreneurs are trying to raise financing. Rizwan Virk, author of “Startup Myths and Models“ shares three of them.

More Automation Is Coming! Bulletproof Your Career!

Edward D. Hess, author of "Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change" believes that humans will need to excel at doing something valuable that technology itself will not be able to do well.

3 Reasons Why Your Elevator Pitch Will Never Work

The elevator pitch is a way to present our work in such a concise way that it could be shared within the span of an elevator ride. Neil Gordon shares three critical reasons why most elevator pitches don’t work.

Renaud Laplanche: How Fintech Can Help Keep You Safe In The Pandemic

When it comes to maintaining social distancing, fintech allows people to limit their in-person interactions and reduce trips to the bank while still completing the tasks that they need to.

Why Animated Video Is The Way To Go In This Pandemic Era

Animated videos are not going anywhere. In fact in a post-COVID-19 world it has become downright crucial for businesses.

3 Steps Brands Can Take To Boost Bottom Line By Creating Behavior Change

Myriam Sidibe, author of "Brands on a Mission" shares three key steps brands can take to change behaviors as deeply entrenched as domestic violence and oral hygiene habits, all the while driving demand for their products and boosting bottom line.

Korea – Asia’s Startup Powerhouse

South Korea has plans to persist in being at the forefront of the world’s startup ecosystem, says Jun Byongnam, Regional Director of the Korea IT Cooperation Center in Singapore.

How AI Can Help Universities Boost Student Performance And Improve Retention

Many universities are turning to AI to help them drive efficiency and create an environment that allows students to thrive. Sanjoe Jose, CEO and Co-founder of Talview looks at the ways in which AI can help universities.

Leading Through Adversity: Guiding Principles for Leadership Through COVID-19 And Beyond

Times of crisis demand a thorough communication plan and strong leadership. In times like these, communication will make or break companies, says Eric Yaverbaum, CEO of Ericho Communications.

What To Do When “Normal” Isn’t Coming Back

The “normal” economy is history, and no one knows what will replace it. How can we respond to such massive uncertainty and disruption? Adam Markel, author of "Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life" shares 4 steps to instil a “got your back” ethos in your organization.

Intuition Is Your Superpower

When you’re in touch with your intuition, you’re more effective — and you’re less stressed, insists Sue Hawkes, CEO of YESS! and author of "Chasing Perfection".

Use This Time To Look Inward As A Way To Manifest Creativity

One way to use your time while staying at home, sheltering-in-place, or under quarantine is to look inward and explore your emotions, says Martha Alderson, author of "Boundless Creativity".

Lessons From The Arctic Circle To Regulate Emotions During The Pandemic 

We can chose to face this pandemic with anger and frustration, or we can regulate our reaction and look for opportunities to find humour or lighten the strain.

What Small Businesses Can Do To Survive And Thrive During The Pandemic

The pandemic has caused unprecedented devastation to the economy, and small businesses are feeling it hard. Here’s what you can do to survive and even thrive in these trying times.

The Future Of Retail And America In The Post-COVID World

Retail is going through a rapid transformation during this unusual period of home-confined buying. Erik D. Rosenstrauch, Founder and CEO of FUEL Partnerships shares his thoughts on a post-COVID retail world.

Why Employers Should Consider Combat Boots A Bonus

Your new hire may not be wearing combat boots but employers would be wise to look for them on a resume when making hiring decisions, says John Ramirez.

Side Hustling… Which Kind Should You Have: Hobby Hustle, Side Ride, Or Gateway Gig?

If you have the itch to try converting your side hustle to your main gig, maybe now is the time to start planning, says Dr. Todd Saxton and Dr. Kim Saxton.