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Use Content To Grow Your Business In 2022

Inbound marketing is a form of content marketing that has been shown to yield a high amount of conversions.
real estate investing

The Best Neighborhoods In Washington DC For Your Next Real Estate Investment

Washington, DC is routinely rated as one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, with high average rent. Grant McDonald shares his views on its investment potential.

Asking The Right Questions To Unleashing Maximum Potential Of Automation

Introducing workflow automation into your business allows you to allocate your time and money to more critical business processes, insists Chintan Jain, Associate Director of Product Marketing at Kissflow Workflow.

Knowing Customers – How XYZ Inc. Almost Doubled Its Users In 3 Years

Customer analytics is essential to amplify returns by augmenting customer acquisition, retention, and upsell through calculated marketing moves.

3 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Boost Patient Engagement When Offering Care Virtually

The future of healthcare delivery is one that leverages virtual care management to augment value-based care solutions, says Rahul Varshneya.

Need A Sales Superstar? Five Tips To Help You Hire For Drive

The quality of your salespeople directly determines the quality of your results. Here are five things you can do to find and hire the most Driven high performers.

Need An Extra Boost With Your Career? A Mentor Can Help

Anyone can benefit from a mentor, whether that mentor is male or female. But it’s especially important for women and girls to find women who can serve as their mentors.

How To Enhance The Customer’s Digital Experience From Search To Sale

The customer experience has been revolutionized and improved through digital technology. It presents a tremendous marketing opportunity, argues Christena Garduno.

2022’s Hottest Color Trends And How To Incorporate These Hues For Your Brand 

Shayen Tilley of 99 designs shares a few of the biggest color trends you’re likely to see everywhere this year in 2022.

How To Change-Proof Your Organization

For leaders and their teams, it’s vital to build rest and recovery into your schedule so organizational talent is available for the long haul, says Adam Markel.

6 Authentic Qualities Leaders Possess Even When They’re Not The Boss

Few will be proficient in these 6 leadership skills, but successful leaders in the lead-without-authority realm will possess most of them.

5 Reasons Why A Multi-Brand Franchise Might Be Your Ticket In The New Economy

Multi-brand franchising has grown significantly in the last few years. And as more people consider new options to solidify their financial future in our changing economy, the trend doesn’t figure to slow down anytime soon.

How Streamlining Payments Helps Build Vendor Relationships

Kim Lockett spent the last 10 years or so in the Mastercard B2B space. She says what vendors really want is convenience and choice.

Want To Bring Digital Transformation To Your Business? The Right Leadership Is Key

Digital transformation entails more than building better intranets and websites. It involves harnessing data to truly understand customer behavior in a digital world.

Why (And How) B2Bs Should Raise Prices Right Now

Effective pricing starts with segmentation of the market, based on customer needs. Raise your prices now for the appropriate segments.

How To Hire The Best Remote Employees For Your Business

How should human resource departments go about hiring remote employees for their existing workforce? Owen Jones of Zoomshift shares his thoughts.

How Startups Can Optimize Their Workplace Technology For Hybrid Work Models

If you plan on using the hybrid work model in your business, these technologies can facilitate the smooth management of a hybrid startup company. 

Yes, Metrics Matter — But Engagement Matters More

In the war for talent, smart companies put engagement before metrics. Workplace trends expert Rick Grimaldi explains how to get started.

3 Tips For Deciding Whether To Accept Or Reject An Early Retirement Offer

What should you do if you’re presented with an early retirement offer? Calvin Goetz says you should ask yourself these three questions.

Calibrating The Organization To The Mission 

The mission statement serves as a measuring rod to ensure the organization remains focused on its top priorities.

OKRs Not Working? Here Are Somes Clues As To Why

Bastin Gerald, CEO and Founder of offers ten reasons why the OKRs you implemented in your organization isn't working out as planned.

4 Ways That Remote Business Leaders Stifle Their Team’s Collaboration & Productivity  

Virtual business owners can unknowingly stifle their team’s collaboration, workflow, and overall productivity. Neel Parekh of MaidThis shares a few of these mishaps to avoid in managing your own remote team.

How To Manage Remote Teams In 2022

Chen Terng Shing, Founder and CEO of SYNC PR shares 5 good tips on overcoming challenges when it comes to managing remote teams.

Did Your Customers Disappear? How To Get Them Back In 2022

As businesses move into 2022, here's some advice for how they can bring back customers they have lost because of both external and internal communication misfires.

How An ROI Obsession Is Hurting Your Marketing

Always depending on data? In many cases, relying solely on ROI will actually hinder your marketing efforts, insists Atul Minocha.

Ten Tips For Productive And Focused Remote Team Meetings

Thanks to digital burnout and continuous partial attention, remote meetings can feel unproductive. Here’s how to get your remote or hybrid team back on track.

5 Ways Leaders Can Use Empathy To Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

Kathleen Quinn Votaw shares some tips on how leaders can lead with empathy and enhance the employee job satisfaction.

How (And Why) To Set Yourself Up To Scale

Solve your problems in a specific manner, and you set yourself up to scale with consistency, effectiveness, and efficiency, shares Jamie Flinchbaugh.

3 Ways To Take Your Company From Product-Focused To Customer-Centric

by Dr. Debbie Qaqish, ForbesBook author of “From Backroom To Boardroom: Earn Your Seat With Strategic Marketing Operations” and Partner/Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz...

How To Help Employees Look Forward To Monday In A Hybrid Working World

Adam Witty shares four steps for creating such a customer-centric company culture in a hybrid working world.