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How “Human” Is Your Workplace? These Four Questions Reveal The Truth.

Ed Hess says the old, fear- and ego-based ways of working and leading won’t survive in the Digital Age. If your workplace doesn’t meet these four criteria, you may be on your way out.

How To Command Your Workforce At A Startup

Command your workforce in the right way in a startup enterprise. Use these four tips to help you manage people in your startup enterprise, building loyalty and faith in your leadership over time.

How Great Presentation Design Can Make Up For Weak Public Speaking Skills

Most people aren’t naturally confident on a stage. It takes time and practice, though an impressive slide design can certainly help make up for weak public speaking skills. 

Bookkeeping Blunders: 7 Common Startup Accounting Mistakes

Avoid these startup accounting mistakes and start your business off on the right financial foot. Keeping your financial foundation strong will help you turn your startup into a successful business in no time flat.

Pieces Of The Same Puzzle: How Business And Marketing Plans Work Together

Although a marketing plan is key to running a successful business, it’s not a substitute for a business plan; the two strategic documents have distinctly different goals and serve different purposes.

Mid-Pandemic Marketing 101 For Professional Service Companies

Professional services have always been a people-to-people business, but now the industry is in a situation where professional interaction has radically changed. This represents a tectonic shift — in the services provided, the way they’re provided and business development efforts.

How ‘No-Excuse’ Leadership Can Help Businesses Succeed After The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown created an uncertain future for businesses across the country. Troy Nix shares how 'no-excuse' leadership can help you succeed in these challenging times.

Ensuring Wellness Of Post Pandemic Employees

As a workplace psychologist, Dr Craig Knight, Founder and Director of Identity Realization Limited, is often asked what the psychological effects of COVID-19 are on employees.

5 Reasons Why You Should Provide Stipends To Your Employees

If you wish to attract and retain good talent, you may want to look into providing company stipends. It may be an added cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment for your employees. 

How To Create A Successful Fundraising Event

Planning and organizing a fundraising event are exciting, but it takes a lot of work from your end. By having clear goals of your fundraising campaign, you can know whether you’re going to the right path or not.

Top Five Mistakes Small Business Owners Are Making During Pandemic

Joseph Meuse, Founder and President of Business GPS shares the top five business mistakes his company sees small business owners making again and again.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Your Employees In The Workplace

As an employer, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace. Before they result in illness or injury, any safety hazard must be fixed using proactive, effective, and aggressive approaches.

Four Tools Every Business Leader Needs To Raise Their Personal Profile

Now is the perfect time for business leaders and entrepreneurs to elevate their own individual brand, says Victoria Usher. She shares four essential tools that will equip them for success when they embark on their personal PR programme.     
customer experience

How To Create A Better Customer Experience For Your Startup

Customer experience is one of the most crucial factors determining the success of an organization. No matter how good the quality of your product is, it will be in vain if you offer poor customer experience.

Key Tips For Enhancing Your Team’s Remote Selling Abilities

By building a remote-friendly culture within your company, encouraging collaboration, and providing them the necessary tools and training, you can improve your team’s remote selling abilities.

10 Steps For Building The Resilience To Move From Trauma To Triumph

Resilience is a desired trait. Many ordinary people have accomplished extraordinary things after experiencing trauma. Kristen Harper shares ten strategies that builds the resilience to move from trauma to triumph, and bouncing forward.

How To Build A Great Business Plan – Checklist 2020

Every successful business idea had a strategically written business plan. Nemanja Zunic shares some rules for writing a great business plan. 

COVID-19 And Payments: How Merchant Solutions Can Help Businesses Meet Customer Demand

Although the U.S. is behind other countries when it comes to the adoption of contactless and cashless payments, COVID-19 may be the catalyst needed to move these practices forward.

5 Point Guide To Improving ROI As A Small E-Commerce Seller

Small ecommerce stores must seek to extract the maximum return on investment (ROI) for every dollar they spend. Will Schneider, founder of insightQuote shares 5 practical ideas that could get your ecommerce investment going further.

Cancel Culture And Small Businesses: Are You Ready For A PR Nightmare?

Edward Segal shares some strategies and tactics to help navigate the shifting winds of public opinion and the battles in the culture wars that are being fought every day.

Entrepreneurs: Is It Time To Pivot? A Trustworthy Financial Adviser Can Help

The right adviser can help ensure adequate cash flow, direct proper strategies for investing, and make you aware of the tax implications of pivoting, says Wayne B. Titus III.

No, Six Sigma Isn’t A Cure-All. Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

As a leader, you must adopt one proven set of business principles as the solution and fully commit to them, says Mark C. DeLuzio, author of "Flatlined: Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to Do About It".

Why Website Structure Matters

Without a clearly defined structure, your website will simply be a miscellaneous collection of pages that are impossible to navigate. Joe Cox, Content Director at Superb Digital shares why it's important to look at website structure.

5 Reasons A Unifying Vision Is The Key To Successful Remote Working

Working remotely has left many business owners and employees feeling stressed out, hesitant, and unsure how to be successful. Having a unifying vision is going to make all the difference, says Joe Curcillo.

9 Ways To Deal With A Coworker Who Doesn’t Like You

Whether a coworker doesn’t like you or you perceive that you are not liked by a coworker does not change the end result - the work environment will be toxic. Meysa Maleki shares nine ways to deal with a coworker who doesn't like you.

All In Or Out? How Business Owners Can Deal With COVID’S Cloudy Future

Michael Sipe, author of "The AVADA Principle" and founder of 10x Catalyst Groups shares some suggestions to small business owners as they try to sort out their future amidst so much uncertainty during this coronavirus pandemic.

Minimum Viable Persona – Get To Know Your Customers All Over Again

Andrea Fryrear, author of "Mastering Marketing Agility" shares that the best way to navigate changing customer needs is to understand your customer by create a "Minimum Viable Persona".

When Does Investing in VR Training Make Sense For My Business?

As VR technology rapidly evolves, the costs involved will continue to drop, and the number of situations where it makes sense to train digitally instead of physically will exponentially increase.

Should You Be Switching Your Business Entity To Protect Your Business From Further Loss?

Here are a few reasons changing your business entity can help protect your company from losses during these uncertain times. Dustin Ray of Incfile shares how and why.

Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone? Then You Can’t Lead In The...

COVID-19 has disrupted the business world. In this new landscape, how business leaders process and react to new challenges will be crucial, says Dr. Jim White, founder and president of JL White International.