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Enhancing Roles And Assuring Job Security With AI And Digital Technologies

Raghav Sriram of Vuram examines three significant ways AI and digital technologies can improve functions and enhance job security.

Leading On All Legs Of Your Life

Commit to your own individual leadership journey early and consistently. Jacqueline M. Baker shares a few ways to ensure that you take full advantage of your daily leadership opportunities.

10 Types Of Non-Profit Organizations You Need To Know

There are nearly 27 different types of non-profit organizations. Which is the right one for you? We’ve put together 10 of the most common ones in the US.

Top Differences Between Purchase Order And Invoice

Purchase orders and invoices are an essential part of the financial documentation of every organization. They help you keep track of your order, inventory, and organizational spend.

Why Every Young Professional Should Work On Their Sales Skills

As a young professional in any industry, having excellent sales skills is critical to succeeding where you are and achieving what comes next.

How To Design The Perfect Customer Journey To Scale Your Online Business

Catherine Mandungu offers a guide to creating a rewarding and comprehensive customer journey that positions your company for growth and scale.

5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Accounting Services For Your Business

Working with an outsourcing company specializing in accounting services lets you handle all your bookkeeping tasks in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

The Hidden Benefit Of A Solid Brand Identity: Crisis Protection

Bad things happen to otherwise solid companies all the time. But a strong brand identity also serves as a shelter for any number of future storms, says Joe Kohn.

[Infographic] Boss vs Leader: The Never-Ending Battle Between Power And Leadership

Boss vs leader: Here is an infographic listing out the key characteristics that differentiate a boss and a leader.
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Why Every Small Business Needs An Expert Marketer

Whether you are looking to hire a part-time CMO or bring someone on full-time, here are some of the benefits hiring an expert marketer can provide your small business.

Never Trust And Always Verify

Always clearly understand the specific actions someone wants you to take and the details associated with them when it relates to your performance and your career development, says Francine Parham.
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Business Data Management: 5 Tips to Take It To The Next Level

Managing data is critical to your business. Here are some essential tips to take your business data management game to the next level.

Physical Mail Has Huge Advantages In The Digital Age

Vijay Yadav shares tips on how to use snail mail to find customers, convert leads and gather valuable data.
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Convert Your Unique Selling Proposition To Their Reality 

Your unique selling proposition should succinctly capture the essence, strengths, and uniqueness of your product or service.   
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A Guide To Real Estate Investing For Young Entrepreneurs

Real estate investing can be tricky if you haven't been taught what you're doing, but with the right resources, it can become easy.

Top HR Hiring Trends For 2022

Ryan Naylor looks at what HR trends are popular, discover how companies can stay ahead of the curve, and create new opportunities.

5 Steps To A High-Profit Offer

An offer so good it practically sells itself? Creating a product and getting a high-profit offer like that is a lot easier than you may think.

Common Legal Mistakes Made By Tech Startups

Lisa Liu points out some common legal pitfalls that you need to avoid which can potentially save you multiple six figures in legal fees and a lot of heartache in not getting the funding you want.

Audit Readiness Tips For Crypto Investors, Companies And Entrepreneurs

Whether engaging in cryptocurrencies or digital assets, starting a crypto company or just investing, how good are your books and records?

Top 10 Skills .NET Developer Must Have

To become a professional .NET developer and attract job opportunities, you need certain skills to help you complete the occupational duties.

How The Gig Economy Is Impacting Employers

The pandemic forced many employees out of the office and into nontraditional work schedules. It was a test drive of the gig economy.
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Killing Me Softly: Don’t Let Your Pricing Model Kill Your Growth

Your pricing model could be killing your growth and you won’t even know it, insists Marcos Rivera. Fix it with a Vision 20/20 framework, he says.

Main Reasons Why Companies Consider QA Outsourcing

Many startups and big businesses have moved to using QA outsourcing instead of hiring professionals for their own teams, says Ran Rachlin.

Looking For Quality Of Life? Value-Driven Management Is What You Need

Values-Driven Management is the process of identifying and integrating what is important to you into your daily life.

5 Ways To Build Stronger Connections With Your Vendors

Your most important business relationships aren’t just with prospects and clients. The connections you build with vendors are equally critical to your company’s success.
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What Lord Of The Rings And Batman Can Teach Us About Engagement And Good...

This book excerpt from "Friction: Adding Value by Making People Work for It" by Soon Yu and Dave Birss explores the concept of friction in consumer engagement.

What Is Strategic CHRO And Why Do Businesses Need It?

At the executive level, the CHRO is responsible for managing the entire HR department while concentrating on the development of the entire organization.

Getting From Good To Great With Collaborative Pattern Recognition Feedback

Collaborative pattern recognition feedback focuses on identifying patterns of behavior, and can provide feedback that optimizes performance.

Making Decisions That Ensure You’re On The Right Path

When faced with an important choice, the decision-making process can be crippling. Amy Wong shares that making decisions requires trusting your instincts.
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Brick By Brick – How Store Fronts Can Still Provide Strong Foundations

Jesse Johnson shares a few things luxury retailers and luxury resellers should do to build a strong foundation for their business.