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From Execution To Insight: How Fintech Is Shaping The Future Of Accounts Payable

Today's fintech solutions can deliver technology and services that take costs and inefficiencies out of the accounts payable process.

Balanced Teams Are CLEAR

by Joshua Kerievsky, founder and CEO of Industrial Logic, and author of "Refactoring to Patterns" and "Joy of Agility" You can follow the conventional wisdom...

5 Tips That Are Proven To Help Sellers Stand Out In A Sellers’ Market

As a seller you have to compete with vendors who may be more established and better equipped to handle the influx of potential consumers.

The Art Of Negotiation

Everyone should learn the art of negotiation and be on their way to becoming a master of persuasion, influence and negotiation.

Accurate Package Delivery Starts With Accurate Data

Retailers anticipating huge delivery volumes must ensure consumer information is correct. Here’s how to get package delivery right. 

How Digital Document Storage Can Improve Business Sustainability

Dennis Schroder of SeraScript examines the issues businesses face related to sustainability and list ways digital systems can help companies to reach those goals.

Not Your Keys Not Your Coins: How To Protect Your Digital Assets

How does one protect your digital assets? The answer is to set up a secure, non-custodial wallet for your digital assets.

6 Ways To Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents In The Workplace

Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. They can happen anywhere, but they're particularly common in kitchens and bathrooms.
workers compensation law

What Every Startup Business Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation enables you to pass over the financial risk of a workplace accident to the insurance company – and focus on helping your employee heal.

Five Levels Of Success

To create and demonstrate your projects’ real value, measure their success according to these five levels.

3 Smart Ways To Pay For Energy Upgrades

Switching to green energy is one way for a socially responsible entrepreneur to reduce costs while demonstrating a commitment to the environment.

Skillfully Manage Online Attacks From Dissatisfied Customers

Janelle Barlow shares a few tips on how to manage online complaints from dissatisfied customers that can destroy a company's reputation.

Nine Signs That You’re Draining Others (And How To Add Value Instead)

“Sharks” are intimidating alpha personalities who do what it takes to achieve their goals, regardless of the consequences… right? Well, no. Walter Bond explains why that description actually fits parasites. Here’s what to do if you are one.

Think Outside-In: Customer First

Think customer first. Begin with what your customers want and what you want your target audience to do, then plan your action.

How To Tackle The Top 3 Challenges In Business Payments

Working with multiple systems, the growing threat of fraud, and the lack of visibility into data are the top three challenges treasury professionals face with business payments.

7 Fact-Finding Strategies Entrepreneurs Must Pursue Before Developing Their Product

Before developing an innovation idea to bring to market, entrepreneurs should pursue these seven strategies for fact finding.

4 Ways To Prepare For Heavy Equipment Rental Software Trends In 2023

Trends help businesses transform to the changing market, adapt to customer needs, and propel forward with the use of heavy equipment rental software. 
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Selling Your Business? Know All Your Options.

When it comes time to sell your business, be sure to consider the one buyer your advisers may be overlooking, say Corey Rosen and John Case.

Three Ways Business Leaders Can Avoid The Cognitive Trap Of Experience

Experience is often touted as a primary rationale for talent selection, promotion, and decision making. But Marty Strong shares three ways leaders can avoid the cognitive trap of experience.

How Hiring Talent From Abroad Could Help Your Business

Unsure of how hiring a foreign talent can help your business? Here are a few ways hiring talent from abroad can work out for you.

No Whining And 6 Other Career Rules For Young Professionals

Being whiny doesn’t warrant respect. What will command respect? Robin Landa shares six professional career rules.

How To Deal With Your Doubters & Naysayers

Sarah Cordiner highlights the 6 main types of doubters and naysayers that are wet blankets to your dreams, and how to deal with them.

Dos And Don’ts When Designing A Product Label

The labels on your everyday items go way beyond stickers, logos, or any print material. Adam Peek shares the dos and don’ts of the process of product labeling.
risk analysis

How The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Take The Risk Out Of Risk-Taking  

Most risk is unnecessary for the vast majority of people starting a business. In reality, risk aversion ought to be recognized and defined more widely as an asset.  

What Automation Technology Can Do For Your Finance Department

Implementing automation technology into the finance function offers a business’s finance leader and their team the luxury of focusing more on strategy than on processes and deadlines.

How Daymond John Discovered The Importance Of Cash When Starting FUBU

In The Value Equation, Christopher Volk explores on the importance of cash with the example of Daymond John's FUBU.

5 Ways To Make Your Startup A Talent Magnet 

Making your startup a talent magnet isn’t difficult when you put your focus on candidates and how they can do their best for you while also finding satisfaction in their work for your company.

Importance Of A Safety Manager In The Office

A safety manager is someone who is responsible for ensuring that the safety management system (SMS) runs smoothly in a company.
brand style guide

Building A Positive Image With Innovative PR Techniques

From creating content to managing crises, public relations can support your company in building a sustained positive brand image.

Finding Your Inner Martin Scorsese: How To Master Short-Form Videos In Short Order

Recent research shows that short-form video now claims to have the highest return on investment rate compared to all other social media marketing strategies.