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High Cost Of PPC For Legal Searches Makes SEO Attractive To Law Firms


The title says it all. Much like how movie titles seem to already divulge the plot and what’s bound to happen. And yet, despite what could be perceived as a misguided sharing of information, why is it then that people still flock to the cinemas? Why is it that despite having a title like “The Avengers: Endgame”, people are still heading to the movies in droves?

It’s simple, really. They crave to know how it all ends. The unraveling of the plot is loads more intriguing that the conclusion. That very same scenario holds true with this article.

Let’s Start With This.

Did you know that 2 of the top 10 most expensive keywords are law-related keywords? This is according to many online sources that take the time to cite Google Adwords as the source of their information. They rank law-related words differently, but the fact is that these keywords will always be found in the top 10.

So, How Exactly Is a PPC Keyword Priced? 

Well, the generally-accepted and most technical answer is that it is a combination of your keyword bid, the quality score of that keyword, click-through rates, your ad rank, and how the competition is doing, that determines your keyword’s PPC price.

However, for the purpose of explaining why legal searches have a high PPC cost, we now put an emphasis on seasonality. In a rudimentary sense, these are very much like seasonal trends — demand for a particular type of clothing rises and falls depending on the current season.

But what if what you’re selling is almost always in season? What if there seems to be a never-ending demand for your goods? Wouldn’t you then raise your price?

That very simple example can be applied to our case with legal keywords. Since there seems to be a constant high demand for legal services, regardless of the season, it’s likely that the bids for these keywords are being driven higher and higher, especially since the competition here is fierce.

And, while PPC campaigns can indeed work wonders for your business, if you’re able to manage them right, the restrictive costs might be more than enough to dissuade even the most foolhardy marketers.

Which Then Brings Us to SEO. 

Well, for starters, it’s free. Not only that, but SEO is a more sustainable marketing method versus pay-per-click because, in the long run, SEO attracts more traffic. And if you’re in the business of dispensing justice, your reputation will, more often than not, be your bread and butter.

A good SEO ranking, much like a good reputation, takes a lot of care and time to build. The urgency of having a good reputation is further compounded by the fact that the legal industry is oversaturated as it is.

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