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Top 4 Entry-Level Jobs That Are Rewarding, Profitable And Enjoyable


The worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has both forced and encouraged, in equal measure, the majority of the population to seriously reflect on their position in life, their priorities and, more specifically, their current career.

For many, the decision to change careers is just as exciting as it is nerve-racking and it is important to know there is a plethora of entry-level jobs available that are both financially profitable and thoroughly enjoyable.

1. Research Associate.

Research associates are most often employed by banks and other financial organizations and universities and other education institutions and successful applicants are usually only required to have a bachelor’s degree in any area, but preferably within business, marketing or communications.

Essentially, this role involves the researching and gathering of information, which is then relayed to the marketing and communications team. The job of research associate affords you the challenge of a completely new area to work in every single day and not only will you learn an incredible amount of new knowledge and inevitably gain new skills, such a role is extremely desirable and ultimately effective on a resume.

2. Trucking.

Gone are the days when a job in trucking involved sitting in the seat of a dusty truck, pulling up on the side of the highway to grab some sleep, surviving solely on fast food and chain-smoking cigarettes. These days, trucking and delivery jobs have evolved considerably and now comprise a challenging, rewarding and ultimately profitable career both personally and professionally.

Once you are fully registered and insured, the easiest and most effective way to source courier jobs and truck loads is to enroll with a professional and established shipping company such as Shiply. An increasing number of people involved in trucking subsequently go on to set up their own courier company.

3. Social Media Manager.

Social media platforms are the most useful and popular tool to promote and expand a business regardless of its size, and therefore the role of social media manager is becoming evermore indispensable.

This role is suitable for someone with a strong basic foundation of knowledge of how social media operates in general and possesses at least some experience of the full-time running and managing of at least one social media platform. For this career, creativity and personality are both considered more valuable than academic qualifications and certificates.

4. Digital Marketer.

Much like a social media manager, the role of digital marketer is likewise becoming more and more prevalent. As technology and the internet become steadily the most cost-effective and productive way to promote and expand a business, digital marketing is subsequently becoming increasingly necessary. Indeed, many companies operate a digital-first marketing strategy.

Digital marketing often also involves the management of various social media platforms, as well as SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing.

A career in digital marketing offers the successful applicant the chance to be thoroughly involved and entirely engaged in marketing the business and subsequently enhancing the overall profitability.