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Arc Rated & Fire Resistant Construction Workwear For Women


construction workwear for women

Today, women are commonly seen employed in the construction sector. Whether women or men, arc-rated and fire-resistant is a must-have for safety. Construction job sites are full of hazards like fire, arc flash, electrical flash, toxic chemicals, and high-temperature environments. Electric arc flashes generate temperatures as high as 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit and result in smoke inhalation, severe burns, injuries, and deaths.

Construction sector employees and workers must wear fire-resistant and arc-rated uniforms and safeguard themselves from unnecessary incidents.

Investing in Arc Flash Suits

Arc-rated suits are a popular choice among women employees and workers in the construction sector. The suits are uniquely designed protective uniforms used in different industries for protection against electric arcs and fire. The arc-rating garments are made of Kevlar, Protera, and Nomex, offering an extra protection layer from the AC flash and high temperature. Arc flash suits include accessories, including fire-resistant boots, gloves, hoods, and face shields. The arc-rated workwear should be in optimal condition to function.

Benefits of Wearing Arc-Rated Garments

Arc-rated and fire-resistant MWG Apparel for women delivers multiple benefits in construction job sites. The apparels safeguard male and female workers from the hazards and risks of electric arc flash. Arc flashes include electrical explosions and cause high-voltage electrical currents when they touch with a conductor.

Fire-resistant and arc-rated garments deliver insulation that bars electrical current from reaching the wearer. FR and fire-resistant clothing protect employees and workers from severe burns and fire-related injuries. In addition, the arc-rated suits offer visibility, enabling employees to look around and seek necessary safety precautions.

One of the highlights of arc-rated and fire-resistant workwear is its breathability and lightweight fabric, which enable employees and workers to move without restrictions and complete their tasks. Agility is vital in the construction sector, and lightweight workwear helps workers move quickly and safely throughout the work site. Wearing the ideal workwear is a valuable safety element that protects workers from the risks and hazards of high temperatures, toxic chemicals and gasses, electric arc flashes, and fire.

Types of Arc-Rated Workwear

Arc flash suits for women are critical PPE, protecting employees from dangerous electrical arcs. The surge in electrical accidents ensures that employees and workers have ideal workwear for construction job sites. The three types of arc flash suits are:

Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Suits

The FR MWG Apparel protects against high-intensity, short-duration arc flashes. Such garments consist of woven cotton fabric.

Fire-Resistant Arc Flash Suits

The fire-resistant workwear protects against longer-duration arc flashes. They feature a combination of FR and fire-retardant fibers.

Insulated Arc Flash Suits

The workwear safeguards against instant arc flashes and is a must PPE in the construction industry. The arc flash suits consist of a blend of insulating items like rubber.

The arc flash suits feature unique advantages based on the circumstances and the different types of hazards. They protect the employees or workers from different electrical arcs. Understanding the types of arc-rated workwear needed for the job is necessary.

Applications for Arc-Rated Workwear

Electrical Environment

Working in the electrical environment is hazardous when proper safety measures are not taken. One vital piece of safety equipment is leveraging the benefits of arc flash suits designed for women. Arc flash suits protect against intense electric arc heat and light. Such garments consist of multiple layers of FR materials and metals like aluminum and copper, protecting the wearer from burns and related injuries.

Hot Metal Working Environment

Hot metal working is a common phenomenon in the construction industry, and it demands the utmost safety measures. Arc flash suits are among the top-notch safety PPE that women employees should wear to protect themselves from potential hazards. Arc flashes cause severe burns and deaths in several cases when property safety measures are not undertaken. Arc-rated suits are made of FR and heat-resistant fabric to protect employees from electric arcs, flames, and heat in the construction sector.


We cannot overstate the importance of arc-rated and fire-resistant workwear and FR MWG Apparel. By offering protection from intense light and heat produced by electric arc flashes, the workwear eliminates or reduces the hazards of severe injuries, burns, and electrical shocks. In addition, arc-rated suits are lightweight and comfortable, enabling workers to remain productive and safe.