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Where Have All The Leaders Gone?


by Tom Endersbe, co-author of “Three Commitments of Leadership: How Clarity, Stability, and Rhythm Create Great Leaders

As I have interacted with multiple organizations  over the last month I am left wondering, where have all the leaders gone?

Time after time I am finding people sitting in the leadership role completely overwhelmed and ineffective at causing the change their organization needs.  They are feeling tremendous pressure from the pace of change being driven by the speed of communication and flow of information.  Deadlines, new product, fewer employees to do the work, and fewer resources to work with are wearing them out and forcing them to be mangers vs. leaders.  Sound familiar?

We need more leaders.  The crazy thing is that those leaders are all around us.  They are the members of every team waiting to help if they only had what they needed.  They need Clarity, Stability, and a Rhythm that they can connect to.  They need Clarity of vision, role, process, rewards, and self to mention a few.  Leaders need to commit to their team having clarity as a core focus of their work.  The result will be a sense of Stability that let people begin to trust and have the needed confidence to act, innovate and even take the lead on key initiatives.  With the above mentioned clarity and stability, a Rhythm can be established.  People will begin to move together and improve the execution needed to create results.

In our book “Three Commitments of Leadership“, my co-authors Jon Wortmann, Jay Therrien and I help leaders simplify the process of leadership by helping them focus on what they need to be committed to.  Through these commitments the leader will be able to decipher the puzzle of their work and engage their people in the opportunity at hand.

Ask yourself:

Do my people and I have Clarity?  Clarity of process, role, measures, rewards, customer, resources, and opportunity?

Do you and your people have Stability?  A sense of trust, confidence in abilities and knowledge of what to do?

Is there a Rhythm to the work?  A pattern of language, timing, collaboration, communication, and process?

Use these questions to assess where to begin and make the Three Commitments of Leadership. Commit to Clarity, Stability, and Rhythm and the leaders will emerge.


Tom Endersbe is currently the CEO of Endersbe, Herron Holdings. He is innovative in his approaches to practice acquisition and leadership. He is known for his ability to motivate others and drive results. Prior to purchasing his current financial practice, Tom was the Vice President of Field Implementation, Marketing & Strategy at Ameriprise Financial. Tom and co-authors Jon Wortmann and Jay Therrien recently wrote “Three Commitments of Leadership“.



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