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How To Break Through A Plateau In Your Business

When your business hits a plateau, it’s not time to panic. Sarah Williams shares three ways to break through a plateau.
jordan fletcher

[INTERVIEW] Jordan Fletcher, St. Catharines Executive, President Of Gorge Holdings

Jordan Fletcher has been the president of Gorge Holdings Inc. for 12 years, expanding and improving the real estate company’s portfolio throughout the many Ontario towns where it owns and manages properties.
man office desk

Would Early Retirement Be Too Early For You? 6 Key Factors To Consider

Early retirement is terrific when you’re ready. Here are some key points to consider when evaluating whether it’s a viable option for you.

What To Do When You Get A Job Rejection

These tips on dealing with job rejection are excerpted from "The #Pace Process for Early Career Success" by Mark Zides.

Making The Leap From Entrepreneur To Entrepreneurial CEO 

Ted Clark shares some key questions that leaders in transition from entrepreneur to an entrepreneurial CEO need to consider.
Felicity Stone

[INTERVIEW] Felicity Stone, Toronto Author/Writer/Journalist

An award-winning graduate story about apartheid launched Felicity Stone's writing career and began her work as a freelance journalist.
Khuram Dhanani

Khuram Dhanani: Embracing Digital Opportunity Amid Change

COVID has taught everyone an incredible amount. One thing is for certain, facing adversity is something that can help human beings grow, says Khuram Dhanani.

How Writing Became A Survival Mechanism, Then A Million Dollar Business

Mike Shreeve, founder of Peaceful Profits shares how he went from sleeping in the streets to writing his way to a million dollar business.

How People With Good Ideas Can Get Access To ‘Benevolent’ Capital

As a founder, losing control of your business and balancing the capital needed to run your business should always be top of mind.

Semi-Retirement Is Not The Answer To Life’s Dilemmas After 65. Here’s What Is.

Millions of people around the age of 65 believe semi-retirement is the answer to all their dilemmas. George Jerjian has a different view.

Big Dreams, No Cash; Funding Your Brick-And-Mortar Business

Entrepreneurs who want to launch a small business, or small businesses that want to expand, often find that lenders are reluctant to provide the cash they need to make their vision happens.

How To Secure Your First Job After College

You need to be prepared and ensure you take the right steps when it comes to securing your first job after college.

5 Things To Invest In As An Entrepreneur In 2022

Here are five areas worth investing your time and money into as entrepreneurs to help you enter this new year confidently and strategically. 

How To Learn Fast While Developing Your Digital Venture

Crafting any successful digital venture requires the entire team to learn quickly throughout the project lifecycle, says Andrew Amann.

Big Job Market Gives Young People Great Chance To Boost Their Savings

This job market may not always be the reality, so it’s good for young people to build a treasure chest when they have the opportunity.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do On A Regular Basis

Kirill Bigai of Preply shares the five key habits he believes entrepreneurs must incorporate into their daily lives if they want to succeed.

The Expert Was Once A Beginner

Your grades and your CV are no guarantee of success. Michel Masquelier offers some tips to inspire you in the quest to create your own future.

What Entrepreneurs Can Do Now To Make 2022 Their Best Year Yet

Schedule out time before the end of the year to evaluate what truly is and isn’t working for your business so 2022 can be your best financial year yet.

Entrepreneurs – Predicting And Preparing For The Future

Entrepreneurs need to continually develop their foresight to stay ahead of predictable change when preparing for the future, says Jo Richardson.

Are You ‘Aged Out’ Of Owning A Business? Think Again: Why Now May Be...

Learning how to navigate the sometimes rough waters is essential to success. Stuart Robles shares some tips for first-time entrepreneurs.

Harnessing Your Emotional Intelligence As A Female Entrepreneur

Karrie Brady shows how as a woman entrepreneur you can amplify your empathy and apply your innate emotional intelligence to sell more and forge lasting customer connections.

5 Surprising Lessons I Learned From My Crypto Entrepreneurship Journey

Jeremy Foo of TripCandy shares his personal entrepreneurship journey starting a platform that offers crypto rewards for every travel booking a user makes.

8 Steps On How To Pick The Right Business Idea

Athan Slotkin shares 8 steps to help new business entrepreneurs get on their feet and start the right business in the current climate.

Study Tips: How To Stay Focused On Your Return To Uni

Going back to university to pick up that degree? Here are some important study tips to help you achieve your goal.

The Wild Start-Up Ride: How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Up Through The Downs

Stephen Gerard points out some common emotions entrepreneurs can expect early in their journey and how they can deal with them.

3 Things I Learned Founding My Own Legal Tech Startup

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of Juro shares his experience - and three important lessons - of founding his own startup.

13 Surefire Tips To Prevent Burnout As A Young Entrepreneur In 2021

Bijan Kholghi, founder of shares how young entrepreneurs can prevent burnout while keeping their entrepreneurial fire burning blazingly hot.

How To Come Across As The Best Candidate For Your Next Job Role

Looking for your next job role? Here are some of the ways which could help you get the edge over other possible candidates.

How Learning What You Don’t Want To Do Can Lead To Discovering Your Passion

The best time to try everything is when you are young and you can leverage your status as a student to land internships and shadow professionals on the job.
fahim moledina

[Interview] Fahim Moledina, Edmonton Executive Shares Strategy For Collaboration And Innovation

Fahim Moledina shares insights on the importance of technology and the ability to facilitate positive change within organizations.