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Unique Corporate Gifts To Wow Your Employees And Clients


Companies that like to make a lasting impression on their clients and employees prefer to choose unique gifts that represent their generosity. Not only does this define the company’s standing but also helps foster good relationships with important people. 

If you are looking for exceptional gifts that will surely make clients and employees remember you, then the list below can help.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Giving your clients and employees a sophisticated yet functional item, which they can use on a daily basis, provides them with a sense of pride and importance. Here are some luxury gifts that your colleagues will surely love. 

Engraved Leather Bags.

Genuine leather products are made from the finest materials that can last for years. For a luxury corporate gift, consider engraving your branding onto a high value leather bag, such as the range at Von Baer. Leather bags are imbued with both durability and finesse, making them a practical and desirable option. 

Leather Bag from Vonbaer.ee

Luxury Fountain Pens.

When gifting to executives, professionals, and clients, a luxury fountain pen is another elegant yet pragmatic choice. Whether it holds their name or your brand, it will surely remind them of their role in our business.

Some portray expensive pens as a symbol of authority, knowledge, and expertise. When you’re gifting a high-quality pen made with premium materials such as resin or titanium, you also present them with the subtle joy of writing smoothly with ease and confidence.

Self-Heating Mug.

One of the most popular commodities at the workplace is coffee, and many of your clients and employees would love to sip a cup to keep them motivated throughout the day. Giving them a self-heating mug that can keep coffee warm at the right temperature is a great way to remind them that their hard work matters. 

Most self-heating mugs have advanced features like rechargeable, heating coasters and built-in LED screens that flash the temperature of the contents. Some brands even offer customization to make your presents more intimate. 

Gourmet Gift Baskets.

Whether you’re welcoming a new client or recognizing increased corporate sales, gourmet food is always appreciated. Because it activates all the senses, good food revitalizes the body and soul. Some great ideas are expensive wines, top-of-the-line chocolates, rare cheeses, and seasonal pastas. Of course, do not forget to consider the dietary restrictions of the people you are giving it to. 

The Gift Of Experience

Corporate gifts don’t need to be tangible items all the time. An opportunity to enjoy and make memories is also a wonderful present that will delight your clients and employees. 

Dinner At A Top-Ranking Restaurant.

A fine dining experience for your team, clients, or shareholders is a wonderful gastronomical reward, which will surely grant them a memorable experience. Top-ranking restaurants have the finest cuisines and an impressive ambiance that provides a great avenue for relaxation. Not only does it result in a stirring impression among business partners or clients but also produces a stronger professional bond. 

Travel Package.

When you have team members and clients who never miss a day at work, a getaway vacation is the perfect break they need. You can choose from the various packages that travel agencies offer, such as road trips, ocean cruises, and cultural immersions. Whether you choose a local or international destination, travel will definitely excite them. 

You may also want to strengthen internal professional bonds through a vacation by sending the entire team together. This fosters a sense of camaraderie between them, which they can apply at work. When sending a travel package to clients or executives, you may want to consider giving them the option of travelling with a loved one to ascertain that they will truly enjoy the trip.

Creative Endeavors.

You can gift various kinds of experiences to your team or clients that they find satisfying and enjoyable. There are various websites that offer unique experiences such as a night scavenger hunt in the city, a fantasy-themed cocktail-making class, a private glass-blowing session, or golf lessons from a professional player. 

Creative experiences allow the recipients to enjoy a particular hobby. If you have been conversing with them about certain interests, this is the perfect gift that will allow them to pursue their passion and unwind at the same time. It gives them the impression that you pay attention to details well and that you value them deeply. 


There are many types of gifts that you can give to your valuable clients and hardworking employees. Whether it is a luxury item or a unique experience, these gifts will remind them of how truly appreciated they are. Indeed, gifting mindfully creates great relationships that ultimately allow your company to grow.


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