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How To Start A Professional Cleaning Service Company


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Most people struggle to deep clean their homes because it is tiring and time-consuming. Busy work schedules have made it difficult to take out time to declutter and clean properties. Therefore they turn towards professional cleaning services. With so much demand, starting a cleaning business is a great idea.

Janitorial services are always in demand. Here is a comprehensive manual on how to start a professional cleaning service company from scratch.

Steps of Starting a Cleaning Service Company

Starting a cleaning service may not require a lot of staff and equipment in the initial phases of the business—however, some wise decisions must be made before starting the company. Following are the steps on how to start a professional cleaning service company.

1. Do the Most Work Alone.

Before starting a professional cleaning service company, it is recommended to wait before hiring staff. The owner should start the work alone and understand the business entirely on how to run it.

The first few months are crucial in determining the best practices for the company. Once the owner has maintained a reputation in the business and built a positive image in front of clients, it is time to hire a few people.

2. Set a Reasonable Budget.

Keeping costs down in the initial phases of starting a professional commercial cleaning services company is vital. The owner should set a reasonable budget for clients. This will help attract more clients to your new business.

3. Determine the Necessary Cleaning Equipment.

It is time to consider the needed cleaning equipment and products for cleaning homes. It is a part of the startup cost. The products needed to start a professional cleaning service company include chemical solutions, spray bottles, scrubbers, sponges, protective gloves, reusable and disposable towels, and tools like brooms and mops.

4. Choose a Brand Name.

Every startup needs a brand name to increase its popularity among customers and attract new clients. Your brand name must reflect your company’s mission and beliefs. The brand name should be easy to remember, and anyone can spell it. It should sound well, be readable, and can grow with the company.

5. Registering the Cleaning Business.

After choosing a business name, it is necessary to register the brand’s name to prevent other companies from using it. The registration requirements vary according to different states and localities.

6. Start Marketing the Company.

Marketing is a crucial step in a business. The customers must know about your business and the services you offer. After the brand name is chosen and the company is registered, set up a marketing team to spread the word across different clients.

7. Provide Janitorial Services for Businesses.

Businesses often need commercial janitorial services for cleaning and maintaining their workplaces, so they look for “janitorial services near me” to find a suitable service provider for their building. A startup cleaning service must provide services to businesses and companies to increase its clientele base.

Bottom Line

A cleaning service company is easy to start and operate if you consider certain factors. With time, you earn profit as the professional cleaning business is highly lucrative. If you plan to enter the business, you must follow the above mentioned steps to strengthen your presence in the professional cleaning industry.