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An Advertiser Focused On Brand Building? Read This.


Turning a business idea into a brand is thrilling and tough, but what is even tougher is increasing your brand visibility. Right from creating other elements of your brand identity and drawing up a blueprint to fly with, building brands requires careful thought.

It is important to intentionally work at increasing brand awareness and trust because it is key to creating strong positive associations with your brand in the minds of your target audience. The aftermath has both short and long-term benefits — always worth every effort invested in it.

If you are a business development manager looking to invest in brand-focused adverts, this is for you.

One thing to note about brand-building adverts

Top brands spend billions of dollars on adverts annually, and a chunk of it goes to brand advertising. For instance, in 2019, one of the world’s fastest-growing brands, Amazon, spent 42% of its total advertising funds on brand-focused ads. It is not a surprise that Amazon has been listed as the third most valuable global brand in 2022.

It is important to note that ads targeted at brand growth sometimes produce small immediate results which culminate in long-term benefits. Some business outcomes of brand-focused adverts include increased brand visibility, loyalty, trust, and positive reputation. Results such as increased sales, margins, and market share may not be directly proportional to ad costs.

The results of branding and advertising take a while to become visible, and the reputation built over time impacts brand value over time. For instance, if the goal is to strengthen customer loyalty — to deepen their love for your products and services, your targets would need multiple adverts to go from occasional buyers to die-hard fans. This explains why brand growth campaigns are designed to run across multiple channels over a period of time.

If your brilliant brand visibility adverts don’t yield ‘tangible’ results right away, do not be worried.

What are the most successful brands doing right?

Think about Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and some of the most successful brands in the world. What do they have in common? They have many years of brand endearment campaigns under their belts. When we think of Nike, we feel inspired, and that emotion is not accidental, it was engineered by clear-cut brand advertising campaigns spanning decades.

The two most important things are as follows:

  • Leveraging top-tier brand advertising solutions

The truth is, you can’t do it alone. Of course, you know the facts and figures, but can you tell your brand’s stories like a pro? Can you tell your brand stories the way your targets can easily relate to? Top-tier brand advertising solutions like Adlook do not only offer innovative brand ads, they allow you to pay only for the metrics that matter to you.

  • They know it is not a one-off thing

The most effective brand advertising strategies rely heavily on deploying consistent messaging in both traditional media channels and digital marketing channels to get the message across. They place the image they want to be remembered for in front of targets until it sticks. Through creativity, audiences do not outrightly notice the repetitive nature of the message. The most effective brand-building ad strategy is consistent, creative, and continuous. Not a hit-and-run thing.

Still contemplating whether to invest in brand advertising? Well, Steve Forbes describes it as “the single most important investment you can make for your business.”