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Are Your Employees Disengaged? 3 Tips For Boosting Engagement Again


When you look at the statistic that states 75 to 95% of working people hate their jobs, you can see why disengagement is somewhat of a business pandemic. Disengaged employees can reduce business profits by up to 60%, according to one study. That’s because employees are the undisputed workhorses of the business world – yet it seems like many brands struggle to get employee satisfaction wrong.

Still, some companies are setting a shining example – like Spanx, who recently gifted its employees with two first-class tickets heading anywhere they wish with $10,000 to spend when they get there. Now that’s how you treat employees.

Below, we will explore how you can be more like Spanx and put steps in place to reduce disengagement and promote a supportive and desirable workplace that nurtures employee engagement.

Communication Is Key

You wouldn’t believe how many brands fail to allow their employees to communicate openly. The main issue with communication is a lack of a channel of communication between you — or your management team — that fosters open and honest communication. Providing that space to speak openly about the working environment, workload, or even personal problems helps employees to feel as though they have a voice that the company values.

One study found that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt they felt appreciated – and appreciation doesn’t come from just listening. Employees want to see that their voice is heard – and actions are in place to deal with issues raised. For example, if an employee complains about a lack of refreshment options – a company should consider putting in a coffee machine or a fridge filled with water. Little things go a long way.

Rewards-Based Working Works

71% of managers say that employee engagement is critical to business success – and rewards-based working might just be the answer you were looking for if you’re struggling to get your employees to fully engage. Levels of employee engagement differ across the board. Some employees feel they would be more engaged with work if they knew they might get something more than a paycheck at the end of it.

In comes employee engagement solutions to save the day. An employee engagement programme has the power to turn your employee’s outlooks around, and you can find an example through this link www.incentivesmart.com/employee-engagement. The harder your employees work, the more reward they will receive at the end, and that’s something that fuels rewards-based working that has been proven to work across multiple industries. It’s proven psychology – we as humans are more likely to work hard for something if we know there’s a reward at the end of it. Plus, it shows employees they’re valued and respected, which makes employee retention far a breeze.

Empowerment Promotes Engagement

It’s essential that employees feel empowered – it’s something that open communication and rewards programs do well. However, your employees should be empowered to talk about things they think could be better. Employees get to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the business – having an employee’s perspective on the working environment is essential if you want to nurture engagement.

One way of empowering employees to speak up is to openly communicate with them and show an interest in how the business might improve. Some employees won’t feel like they have the voice to do this openly – so a great idea is anonymous suggestion boxes. These work great for giving some employees the space to voice their opinion without feeling overwhelmed.

Behind every great company, there are even better employees. Employees have more of a say in the running of a business than previously. Their voices now help highlight problems within the organizational structure. In turn, they not only improve the working environment but the entire business.