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Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Shifting To Cloud Development


The word cloud is quite prevalent in communication these days. Cloud networking, cloud storages, cloud development etc. are just some examples of cloud based applications. In order to gain vital insight of these applications, we should be aware of the fundamentals of cloud working.

In this article we will be focusing more on cloud development specifically. So let’s kick off with the basics.

What is cloud development?

Traditional software construction is a different process developed on differing pillars. It is developed on a PC and the consequent testing is also conducted on the pc. After initial testing, the software is executed on servers, public or private. Things are different when it comes to cloud software development. For cloud development, the program is constructed and tested on cloud and is also made to run within the confines of cloud. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that cloud based development is basically a referral to a form of software construction that is designed to run within the sphere of the cloud environment. However do note that the developed application will work only within the environment it was created.

Benefits of Cloud Development

Shifting of the paradigm

The world is going through a revolution. Internet applications consistently become more significant and in order to make it convenient for cloud developers, many companies have exclusively shifted to cloud. They have made their software one hundred percent cloud centric which is exceptionally convenient for all users. Having everything in one place sure comes in handy.

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence

AI has altered the perception of technology completely. Tasks deemed too futuristic to be true are now routine excursions. And we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Each day progress is being made in this sector by leaps and bounds. AI is going to transform the world. However, the discussion on the significance of AI as a driver of development is a totally different story. AI machine learning requires sophisticated machinery which is not present everywhere. Cloud development helps overcome this difficult task and cuts down on the need of powerful hardware to run world altering computational software.

Cost convenience

Cloud services used to be heavy on the pocket in the olden times. However as of today, situation is drastically different. Cloud development outsourcing has now gotten dramatically cheap over the past few years and is now an exceptionally attractive proposition for any team looking forward to designing programs on the cloud. This decreased cost of cloud also allows the user to save valuables sums of money by avoiding investment on expensive hardware.

Better value offered

Now as discussed before, the cost savings due to cloud usage are immense. So when you as a developer have to invest less, the profit margin can be higher and most importantly, you can undercut the competition by selling your software at a cheaper price despite increasing your profit gain.


In a world that is ever-changing, cloud development is the way forward. Progress in the software side has been so abrupt that it is difficult to fathom. To stand out in the competition by offering a compelling product a better value that is both functional and less resource intensive, you should seriously consider shifting to cloud development.



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