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What To Consider When Looking For Office Space


If you are opening a new business in Mississauga or Montreal or looking to expand your current office space, you will have many factors to consider. Choosing the right space can be a crucial part of building your company towards success. You want both your staff and customers to be comfortable in your environment along with having the infrastructure that you need. 

Leasing and overhead costs of your new office space will be one of your most crucial considerations. However, there are many other factors to consider to ensure that you end up in the right corporate environment that matches your company culture and goals. 

Your office suite should reflect your professionalism and style. Working with the right team including a realtor and commercial lawyer in Mississauga or Montreal will help you to find the location that is right for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most crucial considerations when looking for office space.


In any area of real estate, location is the most important factor for success. You want to find an office that is convenient for both your clients and your employees. Depending on your style of business, your choice of location could be crucial to the growth of your business. For example, if you rely on walk-in customers, your location needs to provide the right access and exposure to the public.

Meeting Space.

While you want to ensure that your office space will have enough room for your individual employees to set up their workspaces, you need to consider where you will meet as a group. Your meeting space can be used for more than your weekly rundowns. You can entertain new clients, conduct presentations, and interview prospective employees in a proper meeting room. Make sure that your new office space has the facilities that you need.


No one wants to walk two or three blocks to be able to get to their office. When you are considering office space, convenient parking should be a priority. Not only is it a matter of safety if you are in an urban setting, but also convenient for your customers. When touring new facilities, it is essential that you ensure that you will have parking that is close and sufficient for your needs. You should also check to see what the condition of your parking area is, and if it will require any updates like repaving, added lighting, or security. 

Room for Expansion.

Planning for the future is the keystone to any successful business. When you are shopping for office space, you need to consider your needs a few years down the line. You don’t want to have to keep moving offices every few years as your company expands. At the same time, you don’t want to take on too much overhead if you are just starting out. Aim for a balance for your expected growth over the next five years. 

Choosing an office space is an important part of developing your business and planning for your future. Finding the perfect location with ample parking, meeting space, and room for expansion will help you to create a setting for your employees to flourish and your company to grow towards a successful future. 


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