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Unconventional Ways To Break Into The Singapore Market: Where To Start?


Offering access to an English-speaking business environment, a business-friendly tax and legal system, and a highly-skilled workforce, Singapore offers an ideal market for global expansion. Mapping out unconventional and creative ways to break into the Singapore market will help your business to not only stand out amongst the competition, but also achieve long term success in your expansion to this foreign market.

Marketing strategies and cloud-based systems can easily play a central role in the market entry process.

Why Enter the Singapore Market?

Singapore is located in the heart of Asia. This geographical location offers virtually unlimited commercial business opportunities for companies looking to establish their own footprint in Asia. Singapore is also at the forefront of protections related to intellectual property, offering security for innovation. With what is arguably one of the best education systems in the world, the country also has a highly-skilled workforce. Furthermore, transportation infrastructure, quality of life, a favorable tax system, low levels of bureaucracy, and use of the English language make Singapore a hub for multinational companies that wish to establish a presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unconventional Ways to Break Into the Singapore Market.

With the fast pace of global business today, establishing a solid strategy for breaking into a new market is key. Seemingly endless access to new and innovative technologies opens up options for finding creative ways to break into the Singapore market. And these ways will help your business to stand out and get ahead at a more accelerated pace than traditional market entry methods.

Unconventional but highly effective ways to do business in Singapore include:

1. Virtual phone numbers: 

When one thinks about expanding to a global market, the thought of visiting a faraway land and setting up a physical location is one of the first things that comes to mind. This can be extremely costly. However, these costs can be reduced greatly with a cloud-based phone system. With the use of cloud-based technology, you can purchase a virtual phone number that is local to Singapore or purchase international 800 numbers. With these numbers, you can provide Singapore callers with low calling rates and facilitate communication between your company and the Singapore market. This way you can create a steady foothold and establish a presence in the Singapore market without even traveling to Singapore. Calls made to virtual phone numbers can then be forwarded to you and your staff located anywhere in the world.

2. Localized websites: 

Though English is widely used in Singapore, the national language is Malay. When thinking about global expansion, marketing strategies, and the aim for incredible growth, creating localized websites is a creative method to break into new markets. Creating location-specific content helps you connect with more potential customers in their preferred language and increases your business’ chance of being discovered by local search engines in Singapore.

3. Local influencers: 

Influencers are playing a key role in brand growth. Operating unique Instagram accounts with local influencers for each global location can ease entry and boost growth. Even if the images you share look the same aesthetically, localizing the text in your content and matching it with local influencers helps to better promote your brand and products.

Where do I Start?

The best way to enter the Singapore market is by:

  1. Completing thorough market research of the market to localize product messaging.
  2. Adapting to local customs and spending habits.
  3. Mapping out creative ways to enter the market to make a lasting impression is the ultimate goal.

Developing a  strong communication system and a great website is the best way to start. To purchase a Singapore toll free number or international 800 number, choosing a company that is a well established and reliable provider is a very important first step.

Advantages of Exercising Creative Market Entry Methods.

In the era of the Internet and social media, brands cannot achieve success with the sole use of stock photos and standardized messaging across several national markets. Marketing today is completely synonymous with personalization. Global businesses need to adapt so customers feel the brand is addressing them, and both literally and figuratively-speaking, their own language. Localization fosters personal connections with your market, shows respect for cultures and values, helps your brand to overcome typical market-entry challenges, offers an SEO boost, and expands your overall brand reach and awareness.

By utilizing unconventional ways to break into the Singapore market, your business can capitalize on opportunities you would have normally missed out on. Differentiate your offerings to meet the demands of the Singapore market. Think about branding to figure out the best way to make the most impactful first impression in this new-to-your-business market. Invest in Singapore virtual phone numbers, a localized website, the use of local messaging, and locally known influencers. With these strategies in hand, you are sure to get your brand noticed and off to a powerful start.