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How Glass Display Cabinets Can Improve Your In-Store Sales


Selling in a shop takes more effort than some people realise. Without the right displays and fixtures, or with a poor layout, you could risk losing a lot of potential sales. That’s why finding the right cabinets and shelving units is going to make all the difference in your profits. Glass display cabinets, in particular, can do a lot for a variety of retail establishments. There are several types of cabinets and they come in all shapes and sizes, making it the perfect choice to keep things safe and show them off all at once.

One of the biggest perks today, of course, is the sanitation factor and keeping things in a no-touch environment as much as possible. Considering the global COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is looking for safer ways to shop and shopkeepers are looking for ways to create a safer space for everyone involved. Keeping items behind glass makes it easy for everyone to see what you have to offer but keeps them from wanting to touch each item individually. Then, you’ll only need to sanitise and clean the cases and displays regularly, and never have to worry about people freely touching things and having to sanitise your entire inventory regularly.

Displays Go Beyond Protection.

Of course, now that we’ve covered the most important use of glass display cabinets, we can discuss their potential benefits otherwise. For starters, glass displays offer a secure option for high-dollar items and a well-lit space for items that contain a lot of detail or that require a unique display to create the most visual appeal. Here are just a few other ways that glass displays can help improve your sales:

Increased Inherent Value.

Your customers will assign value to everything in your shop, regardless of its price tag. When you keep items behind glass, they automatically are assumed to be more expensive or somehow worthier of this type of display. Therefore, people may be more inclined to make a purchase simply because they feel like they’re getting a better product.

Increased Customer Engagement.

One sure-fire way to increase your sales is to improve your customer interactions. When people feel like they are being valued and appreciated, they are likely to spend more and remain brand-loyal, even if the products are more expensive or the store is out of their way. By keeping items in glass cases, you’ll have to get them for the customer, giving you a guaranteed chance to interact with them.

Better Organisation.

No one likes a cluttered, messy store. Shelving units are great, but they tend to look cluttered or create chaos in some cases. With glass displays, you can carefully organise your inventory and show it off with ease. People will be more likely to buy because they can see everything and find what they want when things are organised and in order.

Reduced Security Risks and Loss Prevention Issues.

Theft is one of the biggest factors that negatively affect the bottom line for any retail store today. Shops lose thousands of dollars in merchandise to theft every year, and often it’s due to a lack of appropriate displays or protective cases. With glass display cases, you can keep expensive items secured so that you can spend your time with genuine customers and not watching for potential thieves.

Ultimately, there is a lot that you can do with glass display cabinets, no matter what kind of shop you own. Just remember to think about your intended goals when choosing your displays and the right pieces will come along to help you increase sales by changing the way you showcase your products.


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