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Want To Know What To Sell Online? See Top Selling Items On Amazon


Amazon is a massive marketplace that offers zillions of goods in different types of categories. From toys and stationery to floor steamers and automotive parts, you can offer or buy anything on this platform, no wonder it is the biggest online retailer. However, before you launch an item, you should consider if it something the consumers want so that you can earn high income through it.

The best way to do this is by analyzing the best selling items on Amazon using great tools like IO Scout. 

IO Scout is one of the best tools on the market. Their toolset consist from: 

  1. Product finder 
  2. Product tracker
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  4. Keyword scout
  5. Listing builder
  6. Chrome extension
  7. FBA calculator
  8. Sales estimator

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Do you want to know how to find top selling products on Amazon? Keep reading the article.

Top Selling Amazon Products and Categories.

Below are some of the best categories and items. All the ratings listed below are the ratings of the items as of now and they may change over time.

  • Electronics
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Toys and Games


This is among the categories that are most popular on Amazon mainly because people are now getting obsessed with technology and electronic items such as gadgets are in high demand these days.

If we look into this category, some of the top Amazon products include Alexa TV media player which has a rating of 4.5, Alexa smart speaker, and Fire 7 Tablet that supports Alexa. If you pay attention, you will see that all these top 3 items are sold by Amazon itself so the competition is quite tough in this category.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry.

T-Shirts are never out of fashion while Crocs shoes are now a trend. The top items in this category include Carhartt Men’s T-shirt with 4.5 stars from 12,131 ratings and CROC Casual Water Shoes with 4.8 stars from 44,893 ratings.

Toys and Games.

This is another in-demand category these days with a lot of potential because a lot of kids now buy their favorite stuff from Amazon. You will see top items in this category include items as simple as a pack of balloons with self-sealing technology by Bunch O Balloons. Other items include Intex inflatable Water Float with 4.5 stars and Toddlers’ pool by SplashEZ.

Characteristics of Best Selling Products.

Below are some characteristics that an item must possess to generate high profit.

Enhanced Version of an Existing Item.

If you are looking to launch a top item, one of the best ways is to offer consumers’ a better version of the item than what is offered by your competitors. This can be done by digging into consumers’ reviews of an item you are interested in and analyzing what consumers want to be improved. You can then modify your goods with those features.

High Amount of Daily Sales.

You should always choose an item that has the potential to generate daily sales of at least 10-units because that would mean it is something consumers are looking for so it will bring you high profits. This would also mean that your item will have a better BSR and it is not seasonal so you can expect to generate high sales throughout the year. To estimate the daily sales of an item, you can analyze the sales of other similar items sold by your competitors. However, you should avoid picking an item that is already offered by too many merchants or by 2-3 well-known and trusted brands because it will be quite difficult for you to gain consumers’ attention.

Light in Weight.

Most beginners look for an item that doesn’t require a lot of investment. If you are one of them, you should look for lightweight and small items because such items have less fulfillment fees and other costs such as referral fees, etc. You should also try to choose an item that is not easily breakable so there are less chances of it getting damaged. Also, consider if the items you are picking can be manufactured easily.

Using IO Scout to Find Best Items.

IO Scout is an outstanding tool for merchants that let them discover the right item with the capacity to generate high income. With the ability to scan over 150 million amazon goods, this toolset gives you key details of items so you can analyze them and decide if they are worth selling.

To find best selling goods in a category https://ioscout.io/product-finder you just choose your desired category and you will get a long list of items with their real-time info such as sales and ratings, etc. You can then examine these stats to figure out the potential of a particular item.