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How To Make Your Blog Posts Convert Visitors Into Customers


Bloggers often brag about their website traffic.

So does my friend who has a food blog. Once, she said: “I get two thousand unique visitors every month.”

“That’s great! You did a good job,” – I said. “And how much do those two thousand people pay for your meal plans?”

Then she got all upset because her blog brought her not a single dollar yet.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with creating a blog and failing to monetize it. Some people are passionate about writing articles; others love sharing amazing photos or videos. Some even provide their audience with valuable content jam-packed in their guides —  all for free. However, if a blogger wants to make money, they need to find out how to convert website visitors into paying customers.

So, let’s look at five effective ways that can help you boost your percentage of converting traffic.

1. Write on important or difficult matters.

The best content for driving conversions is focused on something that answers a question or helps a reader overcome a pain point. So, take the time to identify the topics that resolve the pain points of your target audience.

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For example, you might target readers who want to learn a foreign language, make more money, improve productivity, and more.

Or course, there is no guesswork involved. You need to ask your audience (one-on-one conversations in chat, messenger, by email, or phone). You can also hit people up in communities related to your niche or even in your personal life.

Don’t forget to check your comment section, reviews, and social media mentions regularly. There you might find a lot of interesting ideas for your blog posts.

2. Add internal links.

Consider including internal links to your other blog posts, a “related posts” or “you might also like” section. By doing so, you can not only reaffirm your expertise but also make visitors stay longer on your site.

3. Ask readers to subscribe to a newsletter.

Once you have created a popular blog, the chances are that your followers will want to stay up-to-date with the new blog posts. And you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to encourage them to take action and join your mailing list. If you do everything right (no spamming, no boring emails), people will be more receptive to occasional offers and convert more easily.

You can use a navigation bar, pop-ups, static ads, or simple email signatures to collect newsletter signups.

Quick tip: Think of all the opportunities you miss when you don’t create email signatures with the right call to action for all your employees. Many of them probably engage with customers, vendors, and friends via email. All those email recipients could easily turn into your blog visitors, newsletter subscribers, and even customers.

4. Include CTA buttons or banners in text.

Your awesome articles always need a call to action. If you are ending them with nothing more than an offer to leave a comment, you are letting potential buyers go.

But people are already on your website. They are already interested in what you write. So why not give them more? Why not lead them further?

Never be shy to ask your visitors to do something. For example, sign up to receive a newsletter, download, click, learn more, install, contact you, purchase, and so on.

Keep in mind that many blog visitors might not read each of your articles to the end. That’s why it is important to include in-text CTAs or banners in different parts of the blog post.

5. Make sure people stay on your blog the longest.

Try to keep visitors on your website longer. The more they read, the more likely they take action. You can do that by creating quality content, putting related posts in the blog post, providing user-friendly design, adding a search bar, and including calls to action.


If you read this article, you know blogging is not all rainbows and mojitos on the beach. And if you want to earn money with your blog, you are going to have to put in the time and work.

Using some or all of the tips from our article will help you convert your leads and be proud of yourself for creating such a great money-making blog.

Let’s start converting!


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