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A Complete Checklist To Follow Before Purchasing A Printer


A printer is an important accessory that every office and household requires. A lot of changes have compelled us to look for the best printer that is most suitable for the needs, whether you are buying one for your children’s assignment or just for a small business. A printer should be selected carefully before making an investment as they are expensive and last for a long duration. If you are also looking towards buying a printer, it’s a cartridge, printing papers, and other gadgets; you can just browse at BlueDogInk inventory for the latest models at the most affordable prices.

If you are purchasing a printer for the first time, hereby, some tips are added that you should keep in mind before you invest in a printer.

1. Affordability.

A printer model that you have decided should be in your budget. The difference between the prices of a printer is highly variable. Therefore, it should not exceed your budget. Also, some printers have the ink that becomes more expensive over the long term. It is how the manufacturers make money for the printer they sell at low prices as well as for the ink. Research before you invest in a printer and think about your long term goals.

2. The ink used.

You can select the model depending upon the ink used for printing. Decide whether you want a monochromatic image or a color print, also if you would prefer a toner instead of a printer. How frequent you will replace your cartridges depending upon your nature of work. All these points will help you eliminate the wrong model.

3. Quality and speed of print.

A printer that prints slowly while you hurry for another dozen documents is frustrating. If you have the job of printing multiple documents, we suggest you invest in a printer after checking its pages per minute ratings. A printer has a different speed for printing text and an image; you need to check it carefully before you invest in it. Similarly, you should also check the quality of print and your nature of the job before you settle for a model.

4. Wireless connectivity.

If you want your printer to print from the phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is an option. Gone are the days when only a desktop was supported for printing. Ask yourself the medium through which you want to print and try to search for a relative option.

5. Size of the printer.

A printer has different sizes and abilities depending upon the requirement. If you want a printer to sit in a compact space, choose one that can fulfill that requirement. Those who use the printer occasionally can easily compromise on scanning and copying functions as well. A large size model will be difficult to handle and can get damaged easily if not placed at a proper space. Make sure you are buying one that fits your space.

6. Paper format.

If you think you might need a printer for legal matters, you should make sure that it accepts that size of legal papers. Some all in one printer don’t allow you to use different sizes of papers. Similarly, some other printers allow you to print in different page formats.

No matter what printer you choose, rather than getting influenced by your surrounding peeps, you should invest in one that suits your requirement and fulfill them. Make sure that your product is worth the investment. Don’t end up buying something useless for you. Also, buy the original brand rather than investing in a cheap copy to make sure you can utilize the warranty services; shall the need arise.