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4 Self-Improvement Hacks For 2020


Bettering yourself is a lifelong process – provided you’re open-minded, you can discover new knowledge at any age, hence the old adage ‘every day is a school day’.

But there are certain times that you’re not satisfied educating yourself through osmosis, for instance when you have exams coming up, are aiming for a promotion, fancy migrating to a new career sector or need to get to grips with concepts you want to apply to your latest work project.

These occasions merit timetables, deadlines and a little outside help to assist you in achieving your aims, so with that in mind, here are four self-improvement hacks for 2020.

1. Improve your emotional intelligence.

Increasing your emotional intelligence can help you succeed in many aspects of life, including work and relationships, because it makes you more self-aware, less self-absorbed and more empathic.

If you’re interested in learning lessons from history’s greatest minds in fields like psychotherapy and the arts, take a course with The School of Life in 2019 – if you can’t make it to one of their global campuses, their books and videos are excellent resources too.

2. Grab great ideas in a snapshot.

For many, reading remains the best way to enhance knowledge – there’s nothing better than burying yourself in a book, learning its main concepts and applying them to your own endeavors.

But when you’re super-busy, reading feels too time-consuming. So downloading the Blinkist app means you’ll benefit from bestselling thought leadership books broken down into digestible 15 minute audio and text sections containing all the essential info. There are over 3000 titles available, so check out blinkist.com ASAP.

3. Get a helping hand for exams.

If you (or your kids) have school exams coming up, it’s a stressful time – you might feel confident about your favourite subjects, but antsy about others which you can’t get to grips with, but need nevertheless in order to move onto the next stage of your plan.

Fear not – hiring a tutor from Teachers To Your Home ensures that you’ll get face to face expert tuition in the comfort of your own abode, at all levels from primary school to A-level and up and in a huge range of locations.

4. Be all ears for creative podcasts.

When you want to top up your stock of bright ideas while on the move, podcasts are pretty perfect – you can ease back on a long bus, train or plane journey, plug in your earphones and listen to inspirational career-driven content.

There are plenty of podcasts to choose from, but ‘Just a chat with’ is hosted by creative guru Andrew Dobbie and usually features fantastic guests, so it’s certainly worth tuning in to – visit justachatwith.com for the latest.

Follow these four self-improvement hacks and you’ll be living your best life by this time next year.

That’s our list! Share your own self-improvement hacks for 2020 in the comments section.


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