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7 “Surefire” Tips For Success In Business (And Life)


by Welcome Wilson, Sr., author of “Always Welcome: Nine Decades of Great Friends, Great Times & (Mostly) Great Deals

Creating an image for yourself in the business world can be difficult. There are a million factors that go into preparing for the industry as well as implementing the lessons that many learn through experience. However, most people in business don’t start out with a ton of experience or lessons already learned.

They start with a fresh mind and an eagerness to succeed that will either withstand the industry or lead to mistakes and disappointments in the future. That’s okay. Learning from mistakes is one of the most critical ways of learning to succeed, and sometimes the wisdom of others can keep history from repeating itself. There will be a whole new set of mistakes to make once you’ve received warnings about common ones others have made.

Here are seven of forty-eight tips from my book “Always Welcome“:

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else does.

“Don’t ever act like a big-shot; the world loves humility. Never gloat. Big-shots create enemies; you don’t need them.”

Successful people are still people and should treat others the same. Someone’s success shouldn’t affect the value they see in others around them.

2. Never burn a bridge.

“The person who hates you today is likely to be a good friend and supporter five years from now. Never overreact. Never burn a bridge. Forgive everyone, everything.”

Business can be cutthroat. There will be moments where you can feel wronged or betrayed by someone who was doing what was best for them at the moment. People make mistakes, and then they will create new ones.

3. Don’t let success go to your head.

“In a good economy, everything works. You are not invincible.”

Loving the work and the people who make it will continue to give you success, even when everything might not be going your way. Remain humble so people will remember that in times of need.

4. If you have five important things to do today, tackle the most difficult one first. 

As much as hard-working people wish it were true, they don’t have superpowers. We can only fit so much into one day, depending on how smooth each task is. Starting with the harder work first can make for a calming break later down the line. 

5. Always show enthusiasm.

“People love to do business with people who are positive. To succeed, you must have pride and passion in what you do.”

When you’re positive about the outcome of your work, others will want to be a part of it. Showing passion for business and success is always important.

6. When it comes to money, it’s not what you make — it’s what you keep.

“Save something out of your next paycheck. Never spend your money before you have it. When you have money in the bank you are wise, you are handsome and you will sing well, too.”

Flashing what you have made so far can create a false identity to those around you. Being realistic about looking toward the future instead of merely living in the present can save people and companies that get in a bind.

7. Manage your time ruthlessly.

“Focus on getting important things done. Have a sense of urgency.”

How you manage your time will affect everything in your life. Making the most of your time can create amazing results as well as portray to other partners how serious you are about succeeding in their field.

Take these tips and apply them where they will amplify success in your personal experiences as you grow and learn more about the industry and the world.


Welcome Wilson, Sr., is Chairman of the Board of Welcome Group, LLC, and has found success, gained wisdom and mentored others – in multiple arenas: entrepreneur, entertainer, Navy man, public servant, businessman, advocate and fundraiser. He is author of “Always Welcome: Nine Decades of Great Friends, Great Times & (Mostly) Great Deals“.