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5 Reasons Why Startups Should Pay Special Attention To Mobile Security


Many things must be considered when building a startup from the ground up. For most people, mobile security is not even on that list. In fact, most entrepreneurs don’t think about cybersecurity altogether, as they believe that online criminals have bigger fish to fry.

However, cybercriminals don’t care about the size of an organization. They only care about the assets they can acquire, and if you make it easy for them, they will go for your organization no matter how small it is. Statistics show that mobile cybercrime has been particularly growing with the equal amount of attacks on both small and large businesses.

A cyber-attack could destroy your startup.

Startups are very fragile, and many things need to be taken into account and calculated properly for it to succeed and grow into a solid organization. One of the limitations of startups is that their budgets are rather low and every penny needs to be spent wisely.

With just one simple phishing attack on someone’s phone where the thief sees your login credentials to your main company account all your finances can be gone, just like that. This is why multi-factor authentication is such a valuable service.

You won’t be able to attract employees.

We are entering a mature internet age where there are a lot of threats lurking everywhere. At the same time, people are beginning to understand just how important their online security and privacy is. This is why a lot of people use VPN services for both their computers and mobile devices. Having a VPN application on your employees’ Android devices is something you should implement because it can make a huge difference and it’s affordable.

If potential employees learn that your work environment is unsafe and that their personal data could be at stake, they won’t want to work for you. This is especially important because attracting talent as a startup is already difficult as it is. If employees feel unsafe while using their devices at your office, it will be a big handicap for your startup.

Customers and partners may be reluctant to work with you.

If your startup is unsafe and people outside your organization, such as customers and potential partners, notice this, they won’t have anything to do with you. If your organization is unsecured, it will reflect on them and you will be a liability that will put their assets such as money and personal data in danger.

Nobody will want to work with you if they know that you might experience great problems at any given moment. At the same time, customers will not put their trust in your business and you securing their information if you can’t do that for your organization.

You won’t be taken seriously.

Every business is under a watchful eye of the general public, especially if that organization is trying to convince everybody that they should do business with them.

Businesses that have existed for a long time have proven to everyone that they are reliable, professional, and established a certain brand presence. Even if they make a mistake, they’ve done so much in the past, and it won’t carry a lot of significance.

With startups, all eyes are pointed at them, and since they are unknown, people see them as unreliable. This means that you have to make a special effort to build your reputation. This is something you cannot do without securing your organization.

There are many other things to worry about.

Who has the time to deal with cyber-attacks and work on repairing the damage they cause? Startups certainly don’t. When starting up a business a lot of your time will be focused on making the right decisions that will get you better employees, customers, products, services, and marketing strategies.

All of this has to be done while working with minimal resources. This is why it’s essential that you take the necessary steps to secure your mobile devices and computers, to ensure that there aren’t any major issues. If you suffer a major attack, you’ll probably give up on your startup altogether.

In modern business, where all companies use mobile devices for work, it has become essential to secure your online assets. This is why large companies invest so much money in hiring security experts. While you may not be able to afford this yet, there are affordable tools such as VPN solutions and other free security measures you can take to protect your startup.